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A Facial for the Body – What’s New at Kora Organics

A Facial for the Body – What’s New at Kora Organics

KORA Organics has long been a go-to for many skincare aficionados who appreciate natural, certified-organic products for the face. From cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums and oils, all items are packed full of goodness and boast being super kind to the skin. We are fully fledged converts of Miranda Kerr’s award-wining brand so imagine the excitement when she recently revealed three new launches that look after our whole body and not just the face!

Offering a facial for the entire body, the latest trio from KORA Organics has the same efficacy as the facial products and in true KORA style, each item contains Certified Organic botanical active ingredients that leave the skin feeling healthier with a glow from head to toe!

First up is the Renewing Hand and Body Wash which is pH balanced and formulated with Cauliflower, Mushroom and Aloe Vera to gently cleanse the skin without stripping or drying it out. Scented with delicate Rose, Geranium and Basil, you receive a lovely hit of aromatherapy and by being energized with Rose and Clear Quartz crystals, you also receive the soothing vibrations that encourage love and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Step two in your luxurious regime is the Invigorating Body Scrub infused with Turmeric that polished away dead skin and any impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. Scented with Peppermint, Lemon and Cedarwood, the scrub promises to stimulate the sense and revitalise you thoroughly. As with all KORA Organics products, they are further energised with crystals, this one is energised with Citrine crystal to motivate joy, positivity and confidence, in addition to the loving qualities of Rose Quartz.

Last but not least the Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion delivers the deepest hydration whilst softening and protecting the skin due to its antioxidant-rich Microalgae and Ceramides. Packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids that help your skin feel both hydrated and strong, the rich antioxidants also naturally smooth the skin. The lotion also features one of Miranda Kerr’s favourite ingredients – Noni Extract. This truly unique ingredient is derived from the Noni Fruit and is famous for its healing and rejuvenating properties. A powerful antioxidant, it combines more than 100 vitamins and minerals and has countless health benefits including being anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

The new products can be purchased individually or as part of a set. Shower time has never looked and felt so good!

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