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World Yoga Day 2022

Will you be trying Yoga for the first time in honour of World Yoga Day today or are you an experience Yogi celebrating something you enjoy? Yoga has many benefits including helping in maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. Anyone can try despite their age or experience and it can be done at each individual's own pace.

Here are a few of our favourite spots to try..

The Green Room

Head down to The Green Room on Thursdays 6-7pm for their ‘Sip & Stretch’. Wine and yoga? Yes please!

Yoga La Vie Dubai

Located at Galleria Mall on The Palm, with 9 different Yoga classes available based on your level of experience, they also offer prenatal Yoga, yes they have it all.

You will walk away with the ultimate stretch relief!

SEVA Experience

Seva Experience, the Middle East’s leading Yoga, Meditation, and Holistic Wellness Center offers an insight into the top three yoga experiences to try out, Kundalini Yoga, Detox Yoga and Power Yoga. Check out their website for more information about these yoga experiences.


Did you know there are many benefits to hot yoga? Some of them include glowing skin, heart health, and a boost for your immunity. Dryp have a variety of classes available to suit every Yogi’s needs, this is a must try!


Founded by a husband and wife who both share the same passion. They offer a wide range of classes and even have a class available for children aged 6-9. Never too early to get into yoga!

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