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Why Holidays are Good For Us

We’re all working more and taking less time off, Covid only added to that too and it’s all taking a toll on us mentally and physically.

Sound familiar?

Taking a holiday and a “break” has never been more important, but why are we all so bad at doing it? I say this sitting here on my very first holiday in 3.5 years and on an Island with sufficiently bad internet to make doing any significant work tricky to say the least. Running a business means you’re never really “off off”, but it’s not just me, as I speak to countless friends who are employed by companies it seems it’s not just the self-employed and that we’re all taking off less time than ever - we’re connected 24/7 and simply put, we’re all in need of a break and time out.

If we want to get a bit more extreme with it and the reality of the importance of time out, many studies are showing how regular holidays lessen your risk of dying and can also minimize the risk of heart disease.

So, as I sit here on my first holiday in a long time, I hate to say it, but I do feel a lot better mentally and physically and I’m spending a lot of time reflecting on the importance of holidays. Here’s what hit me so far.

You get perspective on your life

When you’re in your life day in day out, it’s easy to lose perspective on your life. You don’t always see everything in the truest way and so step back or outside a little and a lot of things become far clearer. Maybe your job isn’t so bad or maybe it is and it’s time for change. You get time away from friends and family and it’s funny what pops up about them and your relationships in that gap. I think we’re meant to step away to appreciate what we do and don’t like and need to change or well do more of in our daily life.

You move more

If like me you have a desk job - we don’t always move that much do we? On holiday we’re walking loads and cycling around our island, so it’s so much easier to get your daily steps in. You’re also active in so many other ways, swimming in the pool which feels much less like exercise and much more like fun, which of course we’re all for. I hate saying it – but I feel loads better and brighter for moving more!

It helps your relationships

My husband complains at me a lot that he doesn’t see much of me. Jokes aside, I’m glad he still wants to see me and spend time with me! Holidays are so important for quality time with your loved ones. It’s time we don’t generally get together any more - lockdowns aside! Spending time together laughing, sharing new experiences, and well not doing much at all has been really good for us. Apparently, research shows those who take holidays are significantly more satisfied in their marriages – as if we needed another major reason to holiday as much as we can!

You feel more satisfied with your life

Most of us work hard or juggle a lot with our families, so taking a holiday just makes it all feel worthwhile. You forget all the bad stuff for a bit and do things together that make you feel happy and well just more satisfied with your whole life. When you can take time off and see the efforts of all your hard work it feels good.

So, if you’re sitting there and haven’t had a holiday in a while - plan one. Even if you book it once all the families are back from summer, if it’s in your diary and you have something to look forward to, trust me even the act of booking can be a little bit game changing!

Now…back to my book and Mojito!

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