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What To Expect From Your OB-GYN

What to expect from your OBGYN

When you're pregnant, your OB-GYN becomes a crucial part of your journey. Expect regular visits for check ups, some ultrasounds and occasional blood tests. For many of us new to this journey, and in this important time, what should you expect from your OB-GYN?

Good communication is key; your OB-GYN should be approachable, ready to answer all your questions, and explain things clearly. Feel free to bring up any concerns, no matter how small—most importantly, they should listen to understand, not just to hear.

You should expect your OB-GYN to use evidence-based care, meaning they rely on the latest research to guide their recommendations. They should always be able to lead you direct to the research they use to inform their care, so you can look for yourself. They'll discuss any necessary tests and procedures, like genetic screening or glucose testing, explaining their importance and what they involve so that you are able to give consent beforehand.

Consent and decision-making are vital parts of your care. Your OB-GYN should respect your choices and involve you in all decisions. They'll present options, explaining the benefits and risks of each, whether it's about tests during pregnancy or planning your delivery. If you're considering a birth plan, they'll discuss different aspects of it, supporting you to make informed choices that align with your preferences.

Remember, you have the right to question any aspect of your care at any time. You also have every right to a second opinion, a confident OB-GYN would have no concerns with you seeking one. Your OB-GYN should support you with information and guidance, ensuring you feel empowered and confident throughout your pregnancy. A positive pregnancy journey with good communication and evidence-based care means you’re in control and well-informed every step of the way.

// Nicole Oliver, Lead Midwife at NeoHealth

// Nicole Oliver, Lead Midwife at NeoHealth


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