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Well and Thriving – In 60 seconds or less

We are inundated every day with advice and guidance on how to be healthy and the best version of us and I don’t know about you, but most of the time I struggle to wash my hair or have enough hours of sleep.

So, it got me thinking – is there anything super quick and effective we can do to keep us well and thriving in less than a minute? It all adds up, right?

Here are a few tips I found to help us along the way…

Stand Up – If we sit for too long at our desk or anywhere for long periods, toxins rest too which can cause damage in our blood vessels, which ultimately can affect our heart health. To avoid this just get into the habit of standing up once an hour – yes stand up for 60 seconds to let everything move around and then you can resume your position.

Drink water – I know you’ve heard it so many times, but first thing in the morning before anything else drink a large glass of water. Your body is dehydrated from sleeping and repairing itself and drinking water switches on your brain, kidneys and gut quickly. You can drink a glass in less than a minute and you’ll also wake up faster and find you’re more alert quicker too, so on that rationale it will likely save you time if you can do everything that bit quicker once awake and alert!

Check your breasts – This also takes less than 60 seconds when you know what you’re doing and it can save your life, literally. Always do it the first week of your period when the hormonal effects of your cycle are lower. Check your breasts and then your underarms and you’re done! Our guide to checking breasts on the way soon!

Run for a minute a day – Don’t laugh! Research has shown doing 60 seconds of jogging a day helps with better bone health. Doing 60 seconds a day even can help reverse bone mineral density loss.

Dry your hands – We never thought about this, but apparently if we don’t try our hands properly we leave our health up to all kinds of risk. Damp hands are susceptible to germs. It only takes 20 seconds to dry your hands properly.

Change your thermostat – We sleep better and more deeply in cooler temperatures and wake up less. So, target around 18 degrees at night and all it takes is the flick of a switch, not even 60 seconds!

Drink green tea – Also we’ve heard it so any times and we’re not always sure how we feel about green tea, but green tea takes 1 minute to brew and it can help our health on so many levels. Drinking green tea three times a week has been linked to 25% risk of heart disease and stroke.

And finishing on our favourite and one we can totally get into…

Random acts habit - Take a few seconds to send a lovely unexpected text, give someone a compliment or show someone you care. It’s a quick way to not only spread kindness and boost someone else’s mood, but also your own. How lovely is that.


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