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Valentine’s Day Dates…When staying in, is the new going out!

slippers and fluffy mat

When given the option between cosy pyjamas plus Netflix and a noisy, crowded, smoky bar for Valentine’s Day – I know where I would rather be! That’s right…on the couch with major JOMO, tucked up in a cashmere blanket with a take-away in one hand and the remote control in the other about to press play on the latest series of Bling Empire (even if my other half is not a fan of ridiculous reality shows). Maybe it’s a middle-aged thing (mid-40’s definitely classifies under the ‘getting too old to go clubbing’ bracket) or maybe it’s these post-Covid times we are navigating through but increasingly, the appetite for staying in over going out is increasing – even amongst Millennials and Gen Z.

Before I delve into the best, most cosiest attire to wear on your Valentine's (or Galentines) night in… let's first look at some of the reasons why staying in is still the new going out.

  • Spending the evening on the couch in your home with your loved one, watching a rom-com without having to awkwardly share elbow space with strangers in close proximity at the cinema and have to listen to someone rattle their chocolate wrappers and munch popcorn behind you is a win-win situation EVERY TIME.

  • Getting flirty in the kitchen with your other half, trying out a new recipe after shopping together for ingredients, keeps the bank balance happy. Valentines Day meals at packed restaurants can be notoriously more expensive than other times of the year with establishments churning out tables like a factory on that one ‘supposedly’ romantic night of the year. The act of cooking at home together may just end up better than the finished dish.

  • By staying in, you can set your own mood. Order your favourite blooms, light your most favourite, ‘keeping-for-a-special-occasion’ candles, put on your special Spotify play-list and order in your most loved takeaway. Lots of restaurants offer special deals for Valentines and put their own little romantic heart-shaped touches on deliveries.

  • By staying in on Valentines, you’ve saved money. Why not put some of the money you’ve saved to good use by sending someone who may be feeling lonely and not in a Valentines-mood…a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

What to Wear:

If you’re staying in for Valentine's or Galentines, you will want to be comfy. Unless…on the flip side, you want to WOW your date with a home-cooked meal and pretend you’re in an exclusive, fancy restaurant – and wear your sexiest dress and heels, then that’s perfectly ok. Regardless of your relationship status, Valentines should always be about self-love with outfits that make us feel confident whether you’re going full-on glam or cosy comfort. Whilst I love existing in my comfiest, old, mismatched Christmas pyjamas and loungewear (what, no one else?!?) – in contrast and for a cosy night in where I want to feel like I’ve made some sort of effort for Valentine's and not like any other night, I might like to don my fabulous satin Sleeper pjs with feather cuffs – you know, to up the ante a bit. Alternatively, your favourite pair of denim with a nice top (or even a fitted tee or blouse) will suffice. You’re at home, you’re barefoot (or maybe wearing your cosiest slippers or socks), you’re slouched on the couch – comfort is key

One brand that seems to be hitting the nail on the head when it comes to different occasions and honing in on them – is SKIMS. Kim Kardashian has curated a very cute, girly and fun collection for Valentines (also ideal Valentines gifts – start dropping the hints ladies!!) comprising of more than 60 styles in the romantic shades of pink, red and black to appeal and fit everyone. There’s a mix of lingerie, pyjamas, soft loungewear, knit lace and latex to appeal to us girl's sweet and sultry sides.

Remember ladies, you look the best when you feel your best, so if that means, a pair of leggings or oversized top or hoodie – wear what matches your mood for the evening.


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