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Top 5 Organisation Tips to Transform Your Home

The Savvy Space duo, Joti Dhillon and Celia Vrnak, specialize in the detox and organizing of your home. They are passionate about creating spaces that streamline and elevate your life, that you love and can enjoy. They created The Savvy Space as a way to channel their creativity and energy, whilst helping others doing something they love. Their unique approach combines your goals and lifestyle with principles of space planning to create tailored, intentional systems that work hard and look good.

We asked this dynamic duo to give us their 'Top 5 Organisation Tips to Transform Your Home' and here is what they told us..

1: Start in small space and always declutter before organising (organising lots of small spaces equals to a big transformation)

2: Don't buy organising product for the sake of it (doesn't mean they look good in a store, or they will work for you) and always measure before buying (there's nothing worse than buying products which are too big or too small, they should fit perfectly)

3: Establish a “relocate" basket in a central area of the home to act as a catch-all for daily use items that would otherwise clutter your space. Then make a routine of emptying the basket once or twice a day.

4: Create a dedicated home for everything, this ensures everyone knows where to find things as well as put them away - thus preventing clutter from building up.

5: Once everything has a home, label to ensure everyone instantly understands where items belong and makes tidying-up a breeze.

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