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The Sisterhood of Sipping in Sync with Stanley

The water bottle craze sweeping through GenZ, uniting the girls, and keeping you stylish, on-trend and hydrated!


Image from: Bon Appetit

Why the hype?

While climate change may be a battle for many, the rise of reusable water bottles, to avoid plastic, has done wonders for the Stanley and their infamous Tumbler, forming cliques over which pastel is more on trend! 

So, why are we all just so OBSESSED? 

Well, a lot of it has to be thanks to TikTok.  With many users riding the #WaterTok wave, many buyers have hopped on to the trend, selling Stanley name tags, designing Stanley accessories, and some users even using their Stanley as a TV Dinner tray - Watch here . With Original Stanleys Tumblers  selling out in seconds and some fans even camping out for the infamous tumbler and its limited editions, this is definitely a trend that looks set to stay.  

But why now?! 

1.TikTok Trends 

With trends such as ‘ballet core’ and the ‘the clean girl aesthetic’ taking over GenZ TikTok, the Stanley Tumbler, Hydrated Lips oozing in Dior Lip Oil and Reformer Pilates are all a girl can dream of. The rise of the clean girl aesthetic has swept through TikTok, spiking bookings at Yoga Classes and stripping Sephora’s aisles of its buttery glosses and Drunk Elephant skin care. 

Obsessive hydration has always been at the forefront of the Clean Girl Army, with the renowned hardcore preaching 2 gallons of water a day minimum. The Quencher perfectly slots into the aesthetic as its massive frame appeals to the masses as both a means of social signifier, ‘Hey I’m Hydrated!’ and a ‘Hey, I'm on trend!’ The Stanley is a perfect way to unite the girls (finally!) and keep hydrated and glowing throughout the day! All whilst ensuring you have the hottest handbag.

Stanley x Starbucks

2.The fun collectible limited editions breaking the internet right now.

For sure, the most sought-after version of the world’s most loveable water bottle is the limited edition pink quencher tumbler, a special collaboration between Target and Starbucks, with their new ‘Galantines Collection.’ With the Galantines launch racking up a major 6.7 billion views on TikTok, these have kind of broken the internet (as well as the Stanley website) so pass that gigantic water bottle because the Stanley Quencher is HOT right now. The Stanley is a great way to keep you hydrated, while having a rosé with the gals this February. 

A Stanley at the office, is making water shockingly chic. With three fashionistas from the Buy Guide rocketing Stanley's sales, changing the game of the once WW2 synonymous thermos brand, now being marketed to women, in shades of rose quartz to Tigerlily. With users being able to choose amongst 15 different quencher shades, not only can it be matched to your outfits, but it’s easy to carry and sip and it keeps your matcha/iced coffee or water cool for up to 12 hours. 

Beyond the pretty pastels shining in offices, the Stanley is making an eco-friendly impact for GenZ. Will this trend stick around? Fingers crossed! Cheers to the Stanley Quencher and its quirky journey into the hearts (and cupboards) of a generation!


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