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The New Home Of Award-Winning Chef Monserrato Marini’s

chef Marini

Marini a restaurant of renowned award-winning chef Monserrato Marini, serves traditionally cooked food with a strong emphasis on Italian fare to the food connoisseurs of Dubai.

This restaurant is all about authenticity, which is fiercely expressed in its kitchen. In Monserrato Marini's pride and joy Mediterranean restaurant located in Dubai Media City, every basil leaf and drop of olive oil is exquisitely placed to achieve perfection.

MARINI offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for a reasonable price. With age-old recipes, the menu covers a fusion of Mediterranean cuisines. The chef personally selects all ingredients adding to the experience of the guest

Marini is committed to providing the best dining experience possible. Marini welcomes you to an authentic, rustic, natural Mediterranean experience, where the ambience engulfs your senses. A sensational selection complements a memorable encounter by telling a story about the Mediterranean journey.

Social: @marinidubai


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