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The Mystery of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

We’ve all seen the many memes this past week and so yes, our friend Mercury is BACK and in retrograde again and we’re blaming everything from a bad day to a terrible boss on it.

Is it just me though, or does it seem that we spend half our days with Mercury in retrograde now?

Also, while we’re on the topic, can I just ask - when did Mercury retrograde become a thing, as I’m pretty sure I never heard my mum talking about it in the 80s or 90s. Or is it something a bit like Burrata, where it just magically appeared from nowhere, only to be everywhere?

I’ve got so many questions when it comes to Mercury and whatever your own personal view, there definitely does seem to be something a bit “off” right now. So, let’s consider it for a second.

Mercury retrograde simply explained is an astrological movement whereby Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, named after the Roman messenger god of commerce, and representing all things

communication, travel, technology, and transportation, goes into a 3 week retrograde period where the planet appears to stop, pivot and move backwards in the sky.

In any period of retrograde, it’s said to alter our perspective on earth and challenge us, asking us to look at life from a different view point. When it comes to this being in Mercury it can feel very messy and this happens 3-4 times a year, hence why it likely feels quite often.

The latest bout of Mercury in Retrograde starts on September 9th and will run until September 23rd. The good news being, not long now folks!

So, if you’re just about getting your head around this and what it means, wait, as it’s not as simple as that because how we experience Mercury also depends on when astrologically it happens, what your own astrological sign is and many other factors. How one person experiences Mercury in retrograde will be very different to another.

This particular Mercury retrograde begins in Libra, so this apparently means that even our closest of bonds including romantic relationships, business partnerships, and contracts will be shifting and tested. For some of us our exes may come out of the woodwork – ignore them! For many of us the end of the month will be spent rebuilding whatever has become stressed, strained or broken during this time.

We can’t do much about the planets and we’re all on this ride together, so yes whilst it’s a bit wild and bumpy out there, it’s always good to have a new perspective and reframing how you look at it and what opportunities this throws up rather than the bad things it brings is a healthy way to view it. What change could be good for you and your life? Are there some hard conversations you need to have? Is there something you need closure on? Could this rollercoaster of a time actually help us get to where we need to be?

I for one, don’t have all the answers, but let’s buckle up and see where this ride takes us.


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