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HUNTR Launches Limited Edition Wearable Art for Coffee Lovers

HUNTR launches limited edition wearable art for coffee lovers

We're always here for coffee and all things 'limited edition', so the unique celebration to mark the launch of The HUNTR: City Guide app , the first mobile app to combine a premium city guide with exclusive perks and The HUNTR Coffee Card – a never-before-seen specialty coffee loyalty card redeemable at over 50+ of the best specialty coffee spots in the country, really caught out eye.

The HUNTR has teamed up with Emirati artists Soof Studio and Duha AlHallami and together The HUNTR, Soof Studio and Duha AlHallami have created a beautiful, limited-edition coffee cup holder.

The only way to carry your coffee, this wearable piece of art is also functional, allowing you the ease for hands-free coffee holding and freeing up your hands for other important tasks such as discovering a new favourite coffee shop on The HUNTR: City Guide app

Skillfully composed by Soof Studio using giant, oversized, matt, wooden beads reminiscent of the prayer beads, each holder features one unique, hand-painted art piece by the artist Duha AlHallami.  The holder can carry one filled takeaway coffee cup – hot or cold, and universally fits most coffee cups. 

The hand-painted designs also offer a Willy Wonka-esque chance to win – anyone who receives The HUNTR Coffee Holder with the hand-painted golden coffee cup emoji will be gifted something that money can not buy: a lifetime complimentary VIP HUNTR Membership

HUNTR launches limited edition wearable art for coffee lovers


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