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Step into Style with Symbolic Stones by Tigre Rosa

Step into Style with Symbolic Stones by Tigre Rosa

Stones in your shoes may not feel like a comfortable option for your latest pair of footwear, however on closer inspection what if those stones were actually a harmonious blend of strength and femininity crafted into each heel?


The luxury Italian footwear brand, Tigre Rosa has unveiled its latest line which promises to fully epitomize women empowerment worldwide.   Rooted in the symbolism of the pink tigress, the finely-crafted shoe offers the discerning woman a pathway to a balanced lifestyle through exquisite Italian craftsmanship and the aforementioned symbolic stones embedded into each heel.


A statement of strength and vitality, with each footstep, the wearer can feel the energy of the Brown and Blue Tiger Eye, as well as moon stones that symbolize confidence, clarity and feminine grace. Each stone has been carefully selected for its rarity and significance and undergoes a precise process to be seamlessly integrated into the heel – a feat that took over a year of intense research and development.


If you’re looking to put your best foot forward this summer, these unique head-turning heels embody the essence of individuality and allow you to express your own true authenticity.


Prices start from AED 4995. Visit to find out more.


The inaugural summer collection launches on 1st June 2024.

Step into Style with Symbolic Stones by Tigre Rosa


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