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Shop Your Man’s Wardrobe

By Irene Feeney Steele

Wild statement…I know – but bear with me. With the oversized trend in clothing HUGE right now (pardon the pun!) from blazers, jeans, and shirts, to sweaters, t-shirts, and joggers – who knew there would be an endless choice of these items right under our noses? That’s right ladies – in your man’s closet. I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the oversized look. I appreciate it’s not everyone’s style but it’s young, it’s hip, it’s cool and borrowing your husband's or boyfriend's shirt is the ultimate style statement. Many fashion designers such as Prada have made wearing your man’s clothes out of the house ‘trendy’ and not confined to just wearing over-sized tee’s and joggers whilst lazing around the house.

Borrowing clothes from your man's wardrobe opens up a completely new dimension in the world of fashion, the possibilities are endless plus men secretly love it when we wear their clothes.

Before you rush to start raiding his wardrobe… my picks of the items that will have you looking effortlessly cool!

His White Button-Down Shirt

We all know the importance of a white shirt. It’s a wardrobe staple, it can take you from the boardroom to the bar and it’s an essential item. Oversized shirts, in particular, are having a moment right now so enter your man’s perfect white shirt into the mix and you have the perfect oversized ensemble to wear as a dress, over leggings, or over cycling shorts, which is a huge trend right now.

His Blazer

I’m a fan of layering so pairing my outfit with an oversized blazer is one of my favourite looks. My husband’s blazers are PERFECT for this look. In fact, the bigger the better. They also look extremely stylish with a belt worn around the waist – synching you in to give a flattering silhouette. There’s a growing trend in particular amongst fashion designers moving away from the slim-fitted suit and more towards the oversized, baggy suits of the 1950’s and earlier.

Tip: take a look at the men’s section in your favourite store to find a masculine suit blazer you like. In addition, second-hand thrift stores such as Thrift For Good in Dubai has a great selection of men’s blazers at a hugely reduced and bargain price.

His Graphic Tee

This is one piece of clothing owned by my husband that seems to multiply in his wardrobe and which there is no shortage of. Similar to the oversized shirt, these can be great simply worn over cycling shorts, jeans, leggings or even a tailored pair of trousers. Effortlessly cool for those lazy days.

His Hoodie

Over-sized hoodies are the most comfortable item of clothing (second to pyjamas) you will wear – FACT. Sport-chic is really in right now and cosy and oversized hoodies courtesy of your other half is the ideal uniform to wear especially when travelling.

His Baseball Cap

Baseball caps – also known as ‘dad caps’ are also having a fashion moment right now and have been making a resurgence on the street style scene lately. Plus a hat is always a good idea living in the UAE with sun protection high up on our agenda.

His Shades

Another essential item for living in the UAE – is sunglasses. And no doubt your man will own a pair of aviators, sports sunnies or classics. Whichever his style, pair them with his white shirt (that you’ve conveniently borrowed from his wardrobe) for a fresh look.

His Jeans

Ok, I know ‘boyfriend jeans’ are already a thing. But they are marketed towards women and exclusively sold to women as a style. It’s clear they have been inspired by the way men’s jeans are cut and tailored. Plus with skinny jeans not making a stylish comeback any time soon and on the decline in popularity, the relaxed, slouchy look is where it’s at. Just borrow from your man's wardrobe – add a belt, roll up the ankles and you’re good to go.

Remember - when it comes to fashion, there are no rules.

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