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Shine Bright

British jewellery house Garrard has reimagined its iconic Fanfare collection with a bespoke staples for Ramadan 2023

Fanfare Symphony Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli Slider Pendant AED43,358

The longest serving jeweller in the world, Garrard has launched a Ramadan collection with stunning pieces to add to your Eid gifting list. The limited pieces are perfect not only to wear, but to pass down through the generations over time. The Fanfare Symphony pendant (pictured) is our favourite from the collection made with sapphires, white gold and diamonds, it is arranged in a pattern that imitates the pleats of a fan. It is a modern interpretation of the iconic Fanfare design and is off-centered, making it visually stand out from the original design. Wear it alone or as a statement piece, why not go all out and get the matching bracelet and earrings too.

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