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SEVA Experience Announces New Corporate Program

Sound bath

SEVA Experience, the Middle East's leading yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness centre, has developed a unique wellness program for companies to guide, educate, and grow their teams. Experienced learning and time-tested tools are used to accelerate real-life scenarios, creating an environment of strong engagement.

SEVA offers distinct courses and experiences for teams that cater to a wide range of needs. SEVA experts create meaningful and impactful experiences for new product launches, conferences, exhibitions, and wellness sessions.

SEVA offers different ways to deliver the programs: Off-site - where their expertise is brought to the workplace. Yoga, sound healing therapy, and meditation sessions are examples of such experiences. SEVA Experience offers programs on-site with a Bali-like atmosphere, positive energy, and special equipment, as well as activities such as team building that support your company's culture and strengthen the core values of your company. The journey ends in SEVA's lush garden with a beautiful dining experience.

Instagram: @SEVAExperience

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