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Same Day Dress Delivery

Same Day Dress Delivery

We’ve all been there. I seem to be there a lot recently as I’m so busy I forget important engagements and events where I actually need to make an effort and queue panic at my desk with only a few hours to find something to wear and no time to leave said desk! Sound familiar?

So, let me share my top tips of where to get a dress or outfit from fast in Dubai.


Probably my favourite site for a quick panic buy, as no-one else seems to be able to match the 2-hour door to door delivery and of many of my favourite brands too. From designer outfits, to up and coming designers and high end high street such as Sandro, it has great options and well lipstick, shoes, bags or anything else you need too. Super speedy delivery comes at a small extra fee, but same day cost is usually included.

Namshi doesn’t claim same say or super speedy delivery, but 80% of the time if I order first thing I have it by evening – just be careful to check what it says delivery time wise as certain brands such as Trendyol take 3-5 days. Better still, no delivery fees apply.


Sister company to Ounass, so it’s little surprise they also have super fast delivery and a range of different brands too.


Local e-tailer L’Ustralia is home to some of the best Aussie brands and it’s one of our hidden gems for a unique outfit. For AED 30 you can get guaranteed same day delivery. And well it’s good to support local too!

Sand Dollar Dubai

Perfect for a more relaxed soiree, if you need an outfit in a rush for a beach day, a BBQ or chilled catch up, locally owned Sand Dollar offers same day delivery for AED 25 or free on orders over AED 500. It’s another great local company we’re happy to support.

If you discover any more speedy gems, do let us know as we’re always happy to discover more.


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