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Review // Blended Wellness

Blended Wellness

by Grace Snape

What makes a spa a good spa? Just ask Blended! They have done everything right from the services available to their fair pricing. The décor is also beautiful… calm colours throughout with warm lighting but bright in all the right places. So many rounded corners everywhere that create a zen vibe as soon as you step through the doors.

With valet parking available at Dukes Hotel followed by the option of a buggy ride or walk to the spa, your experience will start off great from the get-go. The walk is not far at all and took only 2 minutes, if that!

To begin your wellness journey you are welcomed with a shot of goodness to start your experience before being taken for your first treatment. The availability is endless with massages, nails, haircuts, spa treatments, aesthetics and exercise classes which include reformer pilates, yoga, and box fit all available under one roof.

Their massages start from AED 200 which is a very good price for the experience you get. Your therapist has already prepared the room with the perfect lighting to kick start your journey to relaxation. There are very few places that understand you when you say 'medium pressure' but my lovely therapist understood loud and clear what my requests were and she did not fail to deliver the most calming massage I have had. It is very rare I walk away feeling calm and relaxed because the pressure is usually too much and I walk away feeling like I have just been through 10 rounds of boxing. Typically once your massage is finished I always find you are hurried along on your way, so when I was led to take a seat with a pot of tea before having to get out of my comfy dressing gown, it was yet another tick for the win for me. So when I said I will be back, I truly meant it.

Having your nails done is enjoyable at the best of times but throw in beautiful views of Dubai and what more could you ask for? It's a tough one to beat.

The most exciting part (but confusing at first) was the moment I was asked to wash my hair. I lay down on what I can really only describe as a bed. Yes, really. Once you are laying down your legs are not only lifted for extra comfort but the chair (bed) has a built-in massage mode. We will no longer be washing our hair anywhere else!

They haven’t done this for no reason, they believe the typical chairs you sit in whilst having your hair washed are uncomfortable and hurt your neck, especially if you are having a treatment and must lay there for 10+ minutes. It really is genius!

We aren’t ones to not appreciate a good shower and washroom when we see one and blended Wellness has got it right. Lockers are packed with a fresh towel, bathrobe, and flip-flop-like slippers. Changing rooms with ample space for you to get changed without knocking into all the walls and showers which make you want to redesign your bathrooms at home. They really follow through everywhere with all the perfect little touches and calm vibes.

They even have the men covered with a barbers on site, fitness classes, and treatments also available. And have you heard of a Dubanya? Neither had we! It is an innovative take on the traditional Russian bath house. It offers an array of benefits, both physical and mental that enable you to emerge relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. With a wooden chamber, a massage included and an overall experience to re-charge.

Blended really is a must-visit! You can find more information on their website,

For Her | Blended Wellness

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