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Review / AURA Sky Pool

By Natasha Hatherall-Shawe

These days I find myself preferring to go out in the daytime, so I can sleep early, so a pool or beach day is ideal and myself and my girlfriends are enjoying trying out all the new hot spots for a dip in the pool, nice lunch and a few drinks. This week we headed off to the much Instagrammed and raved about Aura Sky Pool which is at the top of Nakheel Tower on Palm Jumeirah, the world’s highest 360° infinity pool, offering incredible views of the iconic Dubai skyline. With the chance to “swim in the sky” suspended 200 metres in the air, this is literally the mother of all pool days.

First things first, even getting a booking to Aura is a mission. When we last looked it was fully booked until the end of summer. The fact having been open for about 8 months now it’s still fully booked and for the 2 sessions per day says it all. As a must visit for tourists, but also a popular location for residents alike, you need to plan ahead if you want to head to Aura.

Upon arrival to Aura, what happens is the first 30 minutes of your slot everyone is in total awe at the view and no-one does anything but walk around and take photos on their phone. The pool is empty, as are the sunbeds and without fail it is a sea of phones out capturing the best shots. I’ve been in Dubai a long time now and I have a job that gives me the chance to visit some stunning locations and take part in unique experiences, but very rarely any more does anything take my breath away. Stepping out of the Aura lift and seeing the view for the very time, I was truly blown away and it is one of the most stunning locations I have visited in a very long time.

After about 30 minutes when everyone has got their view shot, they progress to the next phase, which is getting into the pool and doing the walk around the pool to see the view from every angle. The water is nicely chilled this time of year and it’s about a 15 minute steady walk around the pool which I almost class as my daily exercise. I get excited seeing all the landmarks from a different viewpoint, including my own home. Given it’s always fully booked the pool can get busy, so at times you do have to juggle around people, especially as they selfie with the view. I won’t lie to you, there is a lot of selfie and posing action going on here, but it’s to be expected with an infinity pool and a view like this. If it had been any other location it may have been a bit off putting, but I take it as being part and parcel of the location and I selfie along with the best of them!

The sunbeds are some of the comfiest I’ve been on as they’re a mix of day beds and comfy sofas. We managed to get a front row slot, as you get the choice upon booking, but honestly even the back row is great with good visibility of the view. The staff are super friendly and attentive too, but not too in your face and can I mention, there is a person who comes around to polish your sunglasses – I mean!

As to be expected sharing its facilities with sister venue Sushi Samba, the food is great and very shareable and the menu is packed with delicious flat breads, sushi rolls, noodles, gorgeous salads and more. I ordered way too much, and the popcorn cauliflower and melon and basil salad were some of my personal favourites. The drinks menu is also fabulous and the frozen margheritas went down a treat.

We stared at the view with awe, we ate good food, we relaxed in comfort, and yes now and again we laughed at some truly crazy posing and the people watching was brilliant. All in all it was a truly lovely and memorable day unlike any other pool day we have had in the city packed with pool days. I headed home relaxed and happy, keen to go back again in the not so distant future with my husband as it would also make a great date day.

Aura is a splurge for sure. But it’s far more than a pool day. It’s an experience. For those visiting as tourists it may well be a once in a lifetime trip and memory, so it is worth the price and you can of course live it up with food and drink as you wish when you get there or just have a bottle of water, sunbathe and selfie. When booking you can choose the am slot/the pm slot or the full day. The am slot is 11am – 2.30pm and pm is 3pm until 8pm and prices start from AED 200. I’ve struggled to decide which slot is best to book as both have merits and of course the sunset is spectacular, but I’m now siding with the am slot as I enjoy the lovely long lunch before heading off home.

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