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Review // Warehouse Empire State Brunch

By Cleo Ames

Last weekend, my fiancé and I tried out a brand-spanking new brunch in Dubai and had a ball! For those of you who may have just arrived in Dubai, brunches here are not what you may typically know them to be, with a breakfast and lunch combined, potentially with a Mimosa or two. No, these are all you can eat and all you can drink affairs for a set amount of time, for a set price. Let’s just say, things can get festive!

The Warehouse Empire State Brunch, a New York style brunch, is based in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre and is nothing short of flair, food, and fun. With their cosy interiors with beautiful dark wooded furniture, and their bright, open-planned exteriors surrounded by tall green trees, we truly felt like we had left Dubai and gone on a mini holiday. The weather wasn’t so bad either! Their menu’s vast spread of food was impressive and included cuisines from all over the world, allowing people to enjoy a day in one place with multiple flavours and experiences. We are talking Italian, Chinese, and grilled meats to Indian, Mexican, and seafood too.

A highlight for me was their beautifully displayed dessert table filled with every possible dessert you could dream of. From their beautiful tarts, cakes, and chocolate mousse to their tropical fruit display, this was a dessert lovers paradise, and it most certainly was mine too!

The Warehouse Empire State Brunch really planned further than simply providing good food and drinks for their guests. To add to the festivities of the day, the brunch included fabulous entertainment with two live singers who sang good classic pops and oldies for the crowd. At one point, the brunch staff put on a little performance which was welcomed gladly by the guests, of which some got out of their chairs and joined in on the fun too!

This is a no kids allowed brunch, a perfect opportunity for a date with your significant other, or a fun spot to hang out with a group of your friends. The brunch runs every week from 1pm–5pm and has seating indoor and outdoor on the garden terrace. Packages range from AED 495 for premium beverages, AED 395 for pouring brands, and AED 295 for non-alcohol.

For reservations contact +971 50 368 5149 |

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