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Why you need Reiki & Vision Board creation

Jane Elizabeth, is a transformational coach & energy healer. She offers a variety of holistic healing services such as Reiki Healing, Space Clearing, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Access Energetic Facelift and Meditations for deep healing and inner peace. Jane’s sessions are customized for her clients’ specific needs, which is assessed after an initial Consultation. She explains to the client what is going on with them, based on the information they have shared with her, and then recommends a therapy plan accordingly.

Jane’s Story

Jane has been practicing various types of healing for over 20 years; however, this was just a hobby alongside her corporate job. She was always scared of taking the leap to make what she was passionate about, a full-time career. “I was always thinking that I would never be able to make enough money and what if I failed? It’s amazing how powerful fear can be if we let it.” Jane told us.

She started working at Miracles Wellness Centre in Dubai part-time, which she loved and said made her feel like she was ‘home’. She started to build an excellent client base with very positive feedback. Word of mouth meant she got more clients and write-ups were starting to appear on Google reviews.

“One particular day at work I was super stressed with the usual pressure of the deadlines and I thought to myself, it’s time to stop and make a decision for my own happiness. That night I quit my job, “Trusting the universe”, I started working at Miracles full time. I believed 100% I would make it work; I would not allow fear to hold me back. I took that leap and guess what? It all worked out better than I could have even imagined!”

Jane’s niche and specialization is in energy work for stress and anxiety or going deeper to find the root cause of problems. She looks to heal things that stand in the way of our everyday lives of living a happy and fulfilled life.

So what exactly is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on healing through which "universal life force energy" is transferred through the practitioner to the client from the palms of their hands. Our bodies are made up of matter and energy; on a basic level energy is atoms and molecules moving at a certain frequency. This could be made up of our thoughts, emotions and the quality of our environment. Sometimes when our thoughts or feelings become a little negative (which is sometimes due to our environment), you may start to feel out of balance, tired, and irritable. Prolonged periods of this could lead to stress, anxiety which then could lead to panic attacks. When experiencing such feelings, it is the time to consider Reiki healing, it can be a contribution to any medical treatment, or it can be an alternative. Either way, the results have proved to be phenomenal. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels; physical, mental, and emotional.

By reducing stress and anxiety the chances of having a panic attack become less. There is a lot of research out there you can do to see the full benefits of Reiki.

What can we expect from a session with you?

I offer sessions online or in-person (onsite) at Miracles Wellness Center. The first session is always a complimentary Consultation, where I understand and assess what is going on in the clients’ life, explain to expect and create a therapy plan accordingly.

My treatment room is a welcoming, safe space which warmly greets clients with dim lights, candles, and the smell of aromatherapy oils burning.

In this space my clients find comfort and clarity, to express themselves and face their fears or limitations.

Every session may be different, depending on whether they would receive Reiki healing, Meditations or Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Etc. but the combination of the soft music, my guidance and the healing techniques used leave them feeling clam, more at peace with themselves, balanced and self-aware.

Vision Boards

Once we start to feel aligned and balanced, we can start to work on our future goals to create the life we would like to live. A really fun way to do this is to make your own vision board then use manifestation techniques to actualize them into your reality.

This is all you need to create your own empowering vision board:

  • Set some life goals no matter how big or small.

  • Use any kind of board — a pin board, corkboard, or simple poster

  • Double-sided tape or a glue stick.

  • Scissors.

  • 3-5 magazines with quotes, words, and images that align to the goals that you’ve identified. These might be magazines around lifestyle, home, nature, fitness, fashion, yoga, baby, family, etc.

  • Mementos or photos.

  • Things that inspire you.

Then simply cut out all the motivational quotes, images and start to lay them all out on your board. Once you are happy with this, glue and stick away. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it, you can hold on to how it makes you feel, which in turn allows it more likely to come to life.

Miracles host workshops and Vision Board parties. So why not join them to know more about how it works and encourage your dreams to come true!

You can book in for a free 20-minute consultation with Jane – Whatsapp – 0582327840 or email


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