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What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

There are a lot of different types of therapy available. Most recently we have been hearing about 'Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT' a new pioneering therapy method that is fast becoming the go-to- one of choice, but what is it?

We chatted with Fiona Latif, a Rapid Transformation Therapist in the UAE to learn more about what this therapy method actually entails.

Fiona got into Hypnotherapy nearly 10 years ago when she first tried to give up smoking. She was astonished at how in just one session she could give up a debilitating habit that had been affecting her for so long! So she made it her mission to find out how it worked.

Fiona took her first Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling back in 2012 where she was awarded Distinction. She then went on to discover how Hypnotherapy had a powerful impact on so many issues (e.g. Fears & Phobias, Weight Control, Anxiety, Stress, etc.) and how it could help so many people. Fiona ended up setting up her first practice in London at the end of 2012.

She then explored Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and was excited to find it so effective and quick to really get to the root cause of so many issues. RTT is a powerful therapy that can help people regain control over areas they feel they have little or no control over. It can help change negative behaviours, break those restricting habits and change those limiting beliefs that have been holding people back.

For anyone that doesn’t know – What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) is a pioneering therapy method developed by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer. It combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) all in one session. It’s because of combining and utilizing all these tools and techniques in a particular way that RTT has had the success it has had.

How long has RTT been around? Are there different forms?

RTT has been around since 2015 - however this method of therapy has taken 30 years in the making to get there. Marisa Peer has, over time, developed this tried and tested technique and it’s because of the hybrid therapy tools used that it gives such amazing results. The RTT method is very exact and is not diluted by other forms.

Why would someone choose RTT over other therapy options?

Put simply - it helps gets results - ast.

RTT works with the subconscious mind. Everything we have ever learnt is stored in the subconscious, how we learnt to walk, talk, read and run.

It dives deep into our subconscious to access our ‘modus operandi’ so we can create focused, positive changes in lives by rewiring ‘stagnant’ beliefs, habits and behaviors by implementing the powerful positive psychological strategies.

What should someone expect from a session?

After we take an in-depth intake form giving us an idea of the client’s background and what issue they would like to work on - we take the client into hypnosis. This means we get the mind and body in a relaxed state and it’s here that we can start to tap into the subconscious - where everything you’ve ever learned is stored - it also houses emotions, instinct, actions and reactions.

By finding out how we ‘react’ in a particular situation, we can find the root cause of the issue.

My role in this process is to guide the client to access past experiences and events that have triggered responses within their subconscious. Through the RTT method, we can powerfully help remove the issues and associated emotions - shifting perception, pain and suffering leaving people free to grow and achieve their goals.

What are the main issues RTT can help with?

Issues where RTT has had effective results are: Achieving goals, Addictions, Anxiety, Career issues, Childhood issues, Confidence, Concentration, Compulsive Behaviors, Depression, Eating Issues, Exams, Fears, Fertility, Gambling, Guilt, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Motivation, Memory, Nerves, Panic Attacks, Public Speaking, Relationships, Self-Esteem Issues, Sleep issues, Stress, Smoking, Phobias……To name a few!

Is this form of therapy only for Adults?

RTT is effective for both Adults and Children. It’s helped on many occasions with children going through various forms of anxiety, bed-wetting, nail biting, etc. There are different techniques that we use for children and because we can attune to them on their level - it helps create the desired results.

Since the pandemic began have you seen a change in people’s needs?

Yes - Absolutely. During the pandemic it became apparent that more of us were learning how to develop different coping mechanisms when dealing with stressful situations and events, whether that was in career, family life or with the lockdown in general. It was during this time the internet was flooded with self-care help and guides to help us through these changing and turbulent times. This in turn led to a tide of self-reflection and people began to start reflecting on patterns and behaviours that weren’t actually working for them and wanted to find out more about how these could change. And who knew, RTT and Hypnotherapy work just as effectively in a virtual scenario!

How long would someone usual require RTT for?

It ultimately depends on the symptoms, the underlying issue and the individual. In typical cases, resolution can be achieved in 1 session but where additional work may be required, these tend to not exceed 3 sessions in total.

A session can last between 90 mins to 2 hours.

Do you feel RTT is the future of therapy?

Absolutely. By combining different tools and techniques, modalities, theories, concepts, psychological strategies and ideologies - RTT has become so popular because of the fast, effective and permanent results it achieves for people.

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