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Ramadan RoundUp - Treats & Things to do

As Ramadan rolls around early this year, just a blink after we said 'Happy New Year', we've gathered up a selection of Ramadan gifts, activities and treats for the whole family across the UAE.

  • Gift Hampers from Kibsons

Our favourite online grocery store Kibsons has some lovely and affordable gifting and treats for the season. We love the hampers which can be sent with a speedy 2 hour delivery when you need to send your wishes of the season fast. They had us at "Vimto".

Ramadan Gift Hamper from Kibsons

  • Weekly Fireworks at The Beach

The Beach, JBR will play host to lots of activities overlooking the sea, with the weekly fireworks being a highlight. Visitors can experience fireworks as they light up the night sky every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 10:00pm from the 15th to 31st of March.

Ramadan fireworks at JBR Beach Dubai

  • Limited Edition Delights with Gazebo x Alia Al Hammadi

Enjoy the UAE’s favourite Biryani this Ramadan from home grown brand Gazebo who have collaborated with celebrated Emirati artist Alia Al Hammadi to create a truly special artwork that represents the wonderful melting pot culture of the UAE.

Ramadan Biryani at Gazebo with special design by Alia Al Hammadi

  • Newby London's Moon Box Tea Selection

Newby London introduces a regal addition to its collection - the Moon Box. This captivating crescent-shaped tea box brings together a delectable tea assortment and pays tribute to the spirit of sharing, generosity, and togetherness this sacred month. An ode to peace and calmness of the mind, body, and spirit, the Moon Box promises to revive the essence of Ramadan and give tea enthusiasts a chance to reflect, introspect, and experience the joy of giving and receiving. The Moon Box pays homage to the significance of the crescent during Ramadan and features 12 carefully selected tea flavours. 

Buy the Moon Box here with prices from AED 450.

Newby Tea Ramadan 2024 Moon Box Tea Gift Box


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