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Period Underwear Changed The Way I Feel About My Cycle

It’s a long-running joke in my family that I have a terrible memory. I do. I can’t deny it but explain that it’s ‘selective’ when I’m asked what I did a week ago and can’t remember. One thing I do remember though, is the day I first got my period; I remember it like it was yesterday.

My mum has always been extremely supportive, kind and caring. She always seemed to have everything organised and has an amazing way of making sure all situations are kept as calm and stress-free as possible. A state she kept when I went to the bathroom age 15 and was met with a shocking colour staring back at me.

I don’t remember being scared or worried. I told mum who swiftly rushed around looking for her already pre-prepared kit (ofcourse!), which at that time was pads and pants in a neat little package. She had already been very open about this subject and educated me in advance. Something that I plan to do with my three girls when it gets closer to the time.

I have never really loved having a period, I know many don’t and that isn’t ‘new’ news, but I always found it a time which would make me very anxious. My periods were often very heavy and painful. When I was around 17 I went on to the contraceptive pill, a suggestion by my doctor to help make my periods lighter. It took two different types of pill (with the first making my hormones out of control) before my periods started to settle and got a little lighter.

I was on one pill or another for over 10 years, at which point I decided that I wanted to a have a little more control over my cycle so came off the pill all together. They came back heavier but they were manageable, and I was happier off any pills so just learnt to control it.

In May 2016 I had my first daughter, and my period returned around 6 months after I had her. I have been lucky enough to have three children over the past 5 years. All my births were different, but each put pressure on my pelvic floor (thanks girls) which has resulted in me having to have physio and take extra care to do my kegels and strengthen when I can (which I am terrible at remembering to do). With this new development I found tampons to be extremely uncomfortable, and I hate pads. Since having children, it felt different and put a lot of pressure on my already suffering pelvic floor which meant that I really started to dread that time of my cycle, resulting in anxiety in the lead up to it every month too.

All this changed when I discovered Period Underwear (I know I am a little late to the party). I had seen lots of people talking about it, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about the whole ‘cleaning’ and getting used to having that process of pads back again. How wrong I was. I decided in July 2020 to give it a go, and I have not looked back. Not only are they so easy to use, but they’re also comfortable, not unattractive, don’t leak and are a true game-changer when it comes to period power!

Aside from all the above, they also changed how I feel about my cycle emotionally too. It feels nicer to have my period out of my body rather than in, much more natural to let it do it’s thing. It’s also a lot more sustainable, less wasteful and saves money in the long run.

Sahara have a huge range of different types, styles, absorbency, and colours. I think they’re also perfect for when young girls start their period as they are discreet, comfortable, and much like all other underwear.

If you have been thinking about making the swap, we empower you to give it a go. I bet you don’t look back!

You can order yours direct from Sahara here - they also have swimwear -

// by Scarlett Sykes


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