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Other Women’s Jobs / Sabrina Sohail

Sabrina Sohail

NAME: Sabrina Sohail

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @sabrinadoesbeauty

JOB TITLE: Founder of Glowgetter Wellness Limited


Sabrina Sohail glow getter

Sabrina founded the virtual skincare consultancy company ‘Glowgetter Wellness”, where she focuses on revamping clients’ beauty and self-care routines, as well as teaching holistic beauty skin workouts, via facial reflexology and Gua Sha, where Sabrina has done courses with the Mind Body Institute.

Sabrina previously had a career in the investment banking and finance world for many years in London and Dubai, and she is also a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA), but beauty and skincare were always her passion. She decided to take the plunge to start her own business in 2020.

Over the years Sabrina has learnt the importance of skin and hair nutrition. Sabrina has collected both Eastern and Western techniques throughout her global travels to places such as Bali, India, the Middle East and Europe. Combining some of these rituals, such as daily facial massages with the right products and a consistent skincare routine can create powerful results and have long-lasting effects, helping one to age gracefully.

Sabrina is also a qualified makeup artist, and has trained at the well-known Makeup Atelier in Dubai, and attended ‘The Masterclass’ by Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist), classes at Illamasqua, as well as meeting the beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury!

Sabrina's wellness philosophy is

“Beauty is a light in the heart,’ and I believe the free flow of positive, oxygen-boosted energy around the organs is directly reflected in the quality of your skin, hair and overall wellness.”

Here’s a look at a typical day.

6 AM: Morning cardio workout to boost my energy levels and get me ready for the day, followed by a hot water and lemon drink and my morning Gua Sha and skincare routine.

8 AM: Meditate and journal to remain grounded and see what creative ideas come to me for the day.

10 AM: Prepare a smoothie, lately I love dates, bananas and oat milk.

I check my emails, (PR collabs, client queries, etc), and review any upcoming appointments/take appointments at the time slots booked during the day.

12 NOON: I have a healthy lunch, usually a salad with high protein, or some sushi and go for a walk whilst listening to an audiobook. My current favourite is ‘Happy Days’ by Gabby Bernstein.

2 PM: Review of Glowgetter business content and strategy, e.g. website updates or schedule/film content that needs to be created for Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest communities.

4 PM: Afternoon snack of blueberries, whilst I prepare for my upcoming virtual skincare appointments, reviewing client's skincare concerns and goals as per their online Glowgetter skin care questionnaires, and drafting skincare and product and routine recommendations and notes for their video calls.

6 PM: Work on a bi-monthly ‘Glowgetter Newsletter’, and research skincare topics and industry trends that could be useful to my audience, adding in my key tips and tricks to grow my mailing list.

8 PM: I usually play tennis or go to pilates or yoga, to wind down, followed by dinner, and like to catch up with friends too during the week and attend beauty PR events.


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