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Other Women's Jobs // Carol Hoshe

Other Women's Jobs //  Carol Hoshe


AGE: 44

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: Homeandsoulfurniture

JOB TITLE: CEO of Home and Soul Furniture


Carol is the co-founder and owner of Home and Soul. Carol and her husband started their wonderful journey together over 9 years ago. They now have 2 beautiful boys, and their greatest passions are to travel, spend time with their family and friends, and living a healthy, sustainable and consciously led lifestyle.


Carol describes managing Home and Soul is a thrilling ride, filled with diverse responsibilities that keep every day exciting for her; from troubleshooting website issues to brainstorming innovative marketing strategies, every task is crucial. She also dives into product ordering to ensure their shelves are stocked with the best, assists their valued customers personally, manages payments, and optimizes their Google Ads for maximum reach. Each element is a piece of the larger puzzle of running a successful business, and she is committed to ensuring every piece fits perfectly. Carol is always on the lookout for new ideas and improvements—after all, there's no standing still in retail!


Here's a typical day in Carol's life:


6 AM: I kick off the day on a high point with my kids at breakfast. Watching them chat and share their plans for the day while they munch on their favourite meals fills me with joy. It's these simple moments that remind me of what's truly important in life. Cherishing every laugh and every conversation, because they grow up so fast.


6:30 AM: I start my workout which takes me around 45 mins. I usually do 4 weight training exercises, a run and 1 weekly yoga session.


7:30AM: Mornings at our house are more than just the first meal of the day; they're a moment of connection and collaboration. Over breakfast, my partner and I take the time to discuss the day's business decisions and personal tasks. It's our daily strategy session mixed with a touch of warmth from a shared meal. This ritual not only fuels our bodies but also aligns our goals and strengthens our bond.


8AM: Get ready for work, leave the house and drive to the store.


8:30AM: Every morning, we kick off with a 9-minute huddle. This isn't just a meeting; it's our daily pulse check. Each team member has the chance to catch up, share priorities, highlight roadblocks, and set the focus for the day. It's quick, efficient, and keeps us on the same page—ready to tackle whatever comes our way.


10AM: Whenever a guest walks into our store, they're stepping into more than just a shopping trip; they're diving into a full experience. My team and I are here to make sure every visit is not only helpful but also genuinely enjoyable. Whether it's their first time with us or you're of our cherished regulars, we're here to entertain and assist them in finding exactly what you need.


12NOON: Lunchtime at Home and Soul is not just about refuelling our bodies, but also our creativity! Whether I'm deep into a new project or brainstorming ideas with the team, our lunch breaks are as productive as they are delicious. It's during these sessions that some of our best ideas come to life. Who else loves a working lunch that sparks innovation?


3 PM: I catch up with everyone to see where they need my support. Whether it’s helping them to navigate a roadblock, brainstorming solutions, or simply lending an ear, I’m there. It’s about making sure no one feels stuck and that we’re all moving forward together. This is how we build a strong, supportive workplace where everyone can thrive.


5 PM: Evenings at home are the best part of my day. Whether my partner is working from home or just back in time for dinner, we make it a point to gather around the table with the kids. It’s our little daily ritual—sharing meals, stories, and lots of laughs. These moments are what we cherish the most, grounding us and bringing us together after a busy day.


6PM: Evening walks with Leo, our golden retriever, and my partner are the perfect way to wrap up our days. As we stroll through the neighbourhood, we share the highs and lows of our day, discuss decisions, and plan for what's ahead. These walks aren't just exercise for Leo; they're our time to reconnect and refresh our minds together. It’s moments like these that truly enrich our lives. Striving for 20,000 steps each day!


8PM: Every night, I make a point to turn off my phone and spend some quiet moments with my kids before they drift off to sleep. These precious minutes are our time to connect, share stories, or just enjoy the silence together.


9 PM: As the day winds down, there's nothing quite like curling up in bed with some TV. It's my nightly ritual—by 9:30 PM, you'll probably find me dozing off to the latest show or a favourite classic. It's the perfect way to relax and drift into dreamland after a full day.



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