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'New Year New You' - but What's Wrong with The Old Me?

by Scarlett Sykes

Is it just me or does the new year bring a lot of pressure? What is my list of new year’s resolutions? What new hobbies should I take up? Should I be starting the latest diet or counting my macros from Jan 1st onwards? You see, the pressure is there and shouting at you from all directions.

But… what if we reduce the pressure to be a ‘new’ us and learn to just love the old us. What’s wrong with the 2021 version of me? I mean, she could probably eat a little less chocolate and step away from the grape-based beverages during the week, maybe, but apart from that I feel like I achieved a lot in the second half of 2021 that got me to a good place mentally and physically.

Also, have we not had it tough enough this last two years to now feel we have to also overachieve in 2022. Frankly, I’m just hoping to reduce the amount I use the ‘C’ word and enjoy quality time with the people I love rather than worrying about much else. It’s been very tough for many of us across the globe, and just as we thought we were getting somewhere it seems to be going full circle again. So just getting through 2022 might be enough at this point, without the added pressure of a ‘new me’.

There is pressure from all directions on an almost daily basis to be ‘the best version of you’ whether it’s the latest ‘must-have’ line reducing skincare regime, sculpting leggings or some superfood which is going to transform me overnight (if only it was that simple) so adding to this pressure with a huge list of mostly unachievable ‘goals’ seems a little counterintuitive.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn't anything particularly bad about setting goals for the year ahead but make them realistic and at least mildly achievable. Make healthier lifestyle choices, eat a little ‘better’ or make more time for you but don’t set goals that are only going to leave you disappointed.

Why not set goals that might help to manage the stress of the unknown, like taking up meditation, sound healing or yoga. Do things that make your soul happy like seeing friends or taking more walks alone listening to your favourite podcast. Whatever it is, make it attainable, small and enjoyable.

And remember, you are great just as you are.


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