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New Summer Kids Clothes from Cheekee Munkee

New Summer Kids Clothes from Cheekee Munkee

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a burst of vibrant colours and lively energy. As kids embrace their playful nature and express themselves boldly, local kids clothes brand Cheekee Munkee presents its latest ‘Happiness’ collection for girls whilst the boys clothing range features a transport theme, perfect for the rumble and tumble of the playground.


The ‘Happiness’ collection for girls captures the essence of childhood joy with its fun and cheerful motifs, oversized bright florals, and new fabrics in the happiest of colours. From airy and comfortable dungarees to printed and floral t-shirts, mesh dresses, and short sets, each piece is crafted with detail to reflect the excitement and liveliness of young girls.


For boys, the collection features a range of practical and fun pieces designed to withstand the adventures of summer. Highlighting crewneck t-shirts in cotton that are paired with matching shorts or jogger bottoms, the collection offers both style and functionality. Printed graphic t-shirts featuring favourite vehicles such as trucks and diggers making the boys' range popular among energetic and adventurous kids. The collection also includes easy co-ord outfits that are perfect for a getaway trip.


The collection is aimed at kids from the age of 1 - 7 years and is crafted from breathable and textured fabrics. The trendy and affordable pieces in both collections are built to rumble and tumble on the playground yet still look fun and trendee


The happiness collection and the boys' vehicle-themed range are now available at selected Debenhams and Mothercare stores in the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait. Customers can also explore the collections online at FirstCry, Mothercare, and Namshi across all three markets. Additionally, the collections are available at Tamanna and Debenhams in Kuwait and Amazon in the UAE.

New Summer Kids Clothes from Cheekee Munkee



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