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New in the city // Meats & Cuts, Meat Boutique Opens in Arabian Ranches

Meats & Cuts

For those on the look out for high quality food, Meats & Cuts, the premier meat boutique and gourmet deli, has opened its latest branch in Ranches Souk, Arabian Ranches 2. 

Meats and Cuts’ newest branch promises a diverse selection of fine-quality meats, ranging from Japanese Wagyu, Australian lamb, organic chicken and expertly handcrafted non-preservative cold cuts.

They also have an array of fresh cheeses from Spain, Italy and USA. Shoppers can also choose from a selection of sizzling spices crafted by their talented chefs. Additionally, customers have the option to purchase their premium BBQ boxes filled with succulent tender meats and complemented with the finest hand-picked ingredients from burger patties, buns, and other condiments for a quality mouth watering BBQ encounter, making life that little bit easier.

The company will soon be opening the first-of-its-kind women-led butcher house in Riyadh - which we love!

Give it a try and support local.

Meats & Cuts


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