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New // DineOut Deals from talabat

New // DineOut Deals from talabat

talabat, the region’s leading everyday delivery app has launched their DineOut Deals feature to provide customers with a platform to explore a range of restaurants while enabling them to discover, save, and seamlessly pay through the app.


With no subscription needed, customers can make use of the DineOut Deals as many times as they like at their favorite participating restaurants without any limitations. What's more, the offers are valid at a range of restaurants across the UAE,  such as Hamptons, Gazebo, Mado, Allo Beirut, and many more, with no restrictions on the number of guests.

Simply head to the talabat app, select DineOut Deals, choose a restaurant from the list, enter the bill amount, choose their payment method and click on “pay now” to enjoy the offers.


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