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My First (Reformer) Pilates Class

By Indira Kasaeva

As a person who’s never done a Pilates class (this is a no-judgment community), I got an opportunity to do a reformer session, and so I tried and tested it at a new studio recently opened in Dubai.

11 Pilates is a boutique studio of elegant design, marble interiors, and glorious views of the Dubai Marina. It features top-notch instructors (the team are very lovely and professional), eight reformer machines for group classes, and a private studio with two Merrithew reformers and a Pilates Cadillac (yeap, the best there is out there!). So here’s my experience of the session…

  • While giving enough pressure to groups of muscles, it was the perfect balance of the burn and stretching. It was intense I have to say, but you feel the burn and the release is much welcome.

  • It helps you focus on your breath. While this is something I struggled it was a good practice to breathe correctly and be present in the moment.

  • You don’t feel sore afterward! Well at least after the first beginner session for sure. Post-session I felt like I had an intense good two-hour gym training and expected to be super sore. But it was like magic – I did feel the effects of the workout the next day, but it was a good feeling, not the ones where you can barely work.

  • You must make sure you choose a studio with a good instructor. There were a couple of people in the class who had some injuries, for them the instructor had modified some of the exercises based on their conditions. This is something I paid close attention to and liked; We were all asked when we arrived if we had any conditions, making it a personal approach to each participant.

  • While we do work out and train, I realized that we do not stretch our muscles enough. That’s why I fell in love with Pilates – it gave such a good feeling to all my muscles.

  • Over time I can see how it helps as a way of recovering from injuries or helping with muscular aches, pains and imbalances. And how it promotes length, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

  • It is also meditative, you are in control of your body, your breathing is aligned with your movements, and it is repetitive for sets of each exercise.

My verdict: if you have never tried it, worth a visit! The team at 11 Pilates is amazing and will give you the necessary guidance. Located at Dusit Princess Tower, Dubai Marina, it focuses on key principles of the practice while also making workouts engaging and fun, with upbeat music and a promise of a challenge in every class. Reformer Pilates is Pilates with extra “oomph” – the ultimate mind and body connection.

Check them out on or social @11pilates_dubai .


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