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Moving Countries During a Pandemic

By Dite Grugule

For some time, I’d been daydreaming about a change of scenery – and how moving countries could take my business to the next level. During the pandemic, though, I finally took the plunge to jet off to sunnier climes and make a new country my home.

Moving from London to Dubai, I’m now happily settled…and business is booming. What made me make the move, though?

Many of us flirt with the idea of moving away – particularly to somewhere warmer, but there are so many things that can hold us back, including the security of family, friends or even a job we have held down for years. Below, I list the factors that tipped me over the edge to make my relocation dream a reality…

The Weather

Packing up my London apartment, I left almost 10 years of my life in a storage facility in the capital, taking only the essentials with me to Dubai. This, of course, included trimming down my wardrobe, creating a capsule clothing collection which contained fewer garments but still meant I had something to wear for every occasion.

Of course, the warmer Dubai weather helped make paring back my wardrobe easier than it would be if I was jetting off somewhere cooler – and somewhere where multiple clothing layers would be key.

If you’re thinking of moving, ask yourself how important is to have your outfits organised and pre- styled? After all, this can make your move so much easier.

Once you reach your destination, it can also make getting ready in the morning a breeze. Then, once you’re ready to move the rest of your belongings, you can slowly add in garments and reassess if you’re getting enough wear out of them.

Everyone should have a capsule wardrobe and relocation isn’t the only reason to give your wardrobe a much-needed detox. You could make picking out an outfit so much easier by taking a look at your wardrobe and assessing what you wear regularly and what is gathering dust.

The Lifestyle

The Dubai way of life has always appealed to me. Like London, it offers the opportunity to meet people from all over the world – and with different beliefs and ways of living. A multicultural, safe, friendly and well-connected city, Dubai is teeming with stylish people.

I knew I’d feel right at home running a fashion-focused business from Dubai – and I wasn’t wrong. My business has soared since moving to Dubai and I’ve had lots of fun meeting others, like me, who also crossed the ocean for a better lifestyle.

Food and Shopping

Offering anyone who lives there a vibrant social life. With wide variety of clubs, bars and restaurants and huge choice of cuisines to please your taste buds you will never get bored! Dubai is a great place for foodies. Oh, and shopping! The latter makes it ideal for those who are ready to introduce a new look to their wardrobe. With gigantic, luxurious shopping malls and charming local shops it is perfect place for retail therapy.

When in the region – for a holiday or as a resident – you’re afforded an extremely high standard of living, too. From premium restaurants to high-end designer stores, luxuries are at your fingertips here.

It’s the Perfect Place for a Staycation

Thinking of moving to here? If so, you may never need to take a holiday again. Offering a tempting balance between city life and seaside breaks, Dubai (and The UAE) is an ideal destination for a staycation.

Take some time away from your desk and head to its beaches to soak up the rays…well, why not?

A Change of Routine

‘A change is as good as a rest’, they say – and moving – whether to a new town, city or country – can shake up your routine in a way you never imagined it would. It can give you a refreshed outlook on both your social life and the way you work, whether you dip in and out of projects remotely for your employer, or you’re self-employed.

Want to take the plunge and relocate?

Thinking about relocating to a new country or city, too? I say life is about moving forward, even if you find the initial thought of that uncomfortable. Restarting life in a new city can be hugely rewarding, not just personally but professionally. It was for me – and it could be for you too.


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