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Mood Boosting Beauty to Lift Those Spirits

Step away from the ice cream. Even the buzziest among us feel a bit bummed out from time to time. The little things can make such a difference to how we feel when spirits are flagging, and we all know the power a bright lip can have on our day. With crazy season upon us, here’s some zero calorie, quick ways to use your beauty regime to boost your mood.

Make it a ritual.

Yes, you do it every day, but when did you last do it properly? Part massage, part hydration, its time making your moisturising routine a ritual. If you usually concentrate on your face, don’t forget those arms and legs. With the right full body moisturiser and some time, you’ll be waking up those blood cells, sloughing away those niggles and giving your overworked limbs a revival, to combat the effects of either the sun or the A/C it’s time to spend some time on the rest of you. You’ll smell fab after and who doesn’t feel better with silky smooth legs?

Zinging in the shower

Guaranteed to wake us up – but maybe not for the super sensitive. There are some extremely ‘reviving’ shower gel formulations on the market – think tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus and more. If you really need a boost, we dare you to give one of the stronger ones a try. Perfect for a morning ‘pep’.

Smells good

Long days at home call for a good WFH vibe. The world may have gone candle crazy, but there is no doubting the positive sensory effects of a good scent. Diffusers are most definitely your friend, and if you don’t have one yet, find your signature. Even better, try out different scents and fragrances around the house. A sniffing session in store will help any flagging moods, remember when you used to try on lipsticks on a Saturday afternoon with your pal, as a teenager? Home scenting is the adult version. Incense is making a comeback too, so have a play and find what suits you whether you need calming, reviving or just plain fruity, the choice is endless.

The Jade roller.

If you haven’t got one, get one and pop it in the fridge. Facial massage and de-puffing in one. Look more refreshed, and feel more refreshed with the cooling benefits around tired eyes. The gentle pressure will boost circulation too – always a positive to keep that blood pumping, especially on a busy day. Jade rolling also encourages lymphatic drainage, boosting your skins natural detoxification processes.

Shampoo secrets.

Great smelling hair! Whether it needs it or not, nobody can deny the mood boosting effect of catching the whiff of your freshly washed hair. I know we are passed the days of buying shampoo and conditioner based on the smell alone (Body Shop Banana anyone?) but making it a sensory, luxurious experience is just as important as the nourishing and cleansing elements of your products too.

When did you last blush?

Seriously? Your sun kissed face might not feel like it needs it, but if you might spend most of your time indoors or under artificial lighting, which is never great for the skin. You’ll instantly feel more alive with a touch of blush on your cheeks, and look much healthier. Obviously different pigments and tones suit different colourings, but if your blusher is unloved at the back of your beauty drawer, it’s time to dig it out.

Decadent dipping

I once met someone who hates baths. Honestly thinks they are filthy. Serious FOMO for her, as what can beat luxurious bathing? Whether you are a bath oil beauty or a bubbles fan, you really can’t beat a nice relaxing soak. Maybe not particularly reviving, but for a stressed bod before bed, you’ll sleep like a baby. It often feels difficult to fit a soak in the bath into a busy schedule, but we say, make the time, it’s worth it.


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