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In Good Health // Meet the Panic Attack Koala

Meet the Panic Attack Koala

Much more than just a #tiktok trend, the Evora Panic Attack Relief Koala is receiving rave reviews and an alternative solution to medication to help reduce anxiety and achieve peaceful sleep.

Meet the Evora Relief Koala which helps achieve peaceful sleep by calming and comforting you as you drift into deep slumber.

Your Koala comes with Real-Feel Heartbeat technology which mimics little heartbeats to help you sleep. It also has a soft light up belly that moves up and down in a soothing motion to further aid relaxation.

Meet the Panic Attack Koala

It's perfect for little ones or grown ups, as we're all dealing with a lot these days and let's face it we all need a little comfort and squishy softness.

Shop yours here from AED 140 with 7-15 shipping days depending on location.


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