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Meet The Dazed & Engaged Gemini Bride

Meet The Dazed & Engaged Gemini Bride

Dazed & Engaged are back with their Gemini bride curation and we're totally her for it.

The Gemini Bride is vibrance personified. Captivating everyone around her, she moves through life with a curiosity that knows no bounds and is on a mission to fill her life with fun and adventure. Her wedding is guaranteed to be one for the memory books. With a philosophy of ‘life is for living’, no task is too big to ensure that she and those around her have the best day possible.

A social butterfly, the Gemini Bride (21st May to 20th June) can work a room like nobody’s business and her babes better be prepared to party until the sun goes down!

The ultimate playground for Brides and Babes, Dazed & Engaged is your brand new, one-stop e-shop, dedicated to all Hen party celebrations! Offering a high-quality curated selection of on-trend accessories and essentials, perfect for any bridal soiree, Dazed & Engaged takes the fuss out of all your celebration shopping with something for every bride and her babes.

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Meet The Dazed & Engaged Gemini Bride


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