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Meet The Co-Founders of SEVA Experience

If you haven't been to SEVA Experience you are truly missing out. It is a beautiful space that allows for true relaxation, connection with nature and restores balance. Don't take out word for it, you need to visit. To learn more about SEVA Experience we caught up with the co-founders, Eda and Shadi...

Tell us about Seva in less than 50 words.

SEVA is the sanctuary for the curios & health conscious to restore and rebalance.

What made you set up Life n One/Seva? Was it something you thought about for a long time before you actually did it?

Before I had my own business, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do with my life. I knew that I wanted to help people in some way, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Then, one day, it hit me: I could focus on wellness and health. I already spent most of my time answering questions from friends and family about how to live a healthier life, so why not turn it into a business? That's how my company was born. Now, we help people all over the world learn about wellness and how to lead healthier lives. We couldn't be more thrilled with the impact we're making!

Entrepreneurship is often described as a rollercoaster. How have you found it? Do you find living consciously and coming from a spiritual viewpoint makes this easier?

Being an entrepreneur is definitely a rollercoaster. Sometimes it even feels like turbulence. Yet I'm the person who smiles during turbulence and I love roller coasters. It's just a part of life. Life is not about planning it's about building; building ourselves. I see business as my reflection and I learn from it. If something is not doing well, it's my reflection. If something is doing great, it's my reflection. Yes having a spiritual viewpoint makes things easier - in my opinion. But that's just me :). Building takes courage especially when the ground is shaking beneath your feet. So for all you entrepreneurs out there - keep smiling and know that you are not alone! We're all in this together :).

How is your experience as husband and wife working together? Any advice for other partners considering opening a business together?

Working and living together gives you all the combinations to kill each other it is incredibly hard-work. Whenever people ask us how we make our relationship work, we always joke and say that we have a "work agreement." Of course, we don't really have a document or anything like that, but the idea is the same. We've simply sat down and discussed what each of us expects from the other in terms of work and also in terms of our personal lives. This has been an incredibly helpful exercise for us, as it has allowed us to be on the same page and to avoid any misunderstandings. It's not always easy, especially when it comes to the business side of things, but we do our best to communicate and to make sure that our agreement is fair. Every six months, we review our agreement and make any necessary changes. It's a part of our lives now, and it helps us to stay on track. Anything is possible. We also spend the second half of the week apart to give ourselves space to recuperate and recharge. I believe that everything would benefit by clearly defining everyone's talent boundaries early on.

Is it an advantage to go first with something? Or what challenges come with this?

This is always the debate. I like to go first me being an Aries helps this. I like to focus on whatever I jumped into, I like to focus on how I feel and what I am learning and explore the field. It is an adventure. Yet, it’s an alone space when you do things first. You might be scared and there may not be anyone. You might need a hand, an idea, or support .. and no one may be there and or clearly see the vision. It’s risky. Yet it is worth it because if you don’t risk anything then you will never know what could have been. Also, risks help to build character and strength. So if you are ever debating on whether or not to take a risk, just remember that it could lead to great things even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Go out and explore the world, take some risks, and create your own adventure!

Your location is very unique and many say it’s unlike being in Dubai which is why they love it. How hard was it to find the perfect location? Did you know how special it was the moment you found it?

It's not about finding the perfect location - it's about making the most of the location you have. If being in the center of things was so important, nobody would ever bother driving out of the city for hours to try some Michelin star restaurant. When I found this particular villa, the empty space behind it sparked my imagination. I didn't have any plans to build a garden, but the space inspired me. I kept myself open and tuned into the energies of the space, making adjustments to my plans as I felt necessary. I knew it was going to be a good fit. And it has been.

If we come to Seva Table and try one dish what should it be?

Hmmm … this is a very seasonal question. These days, I adore the new breakfast wraps, rolls for dinner, and snickers pie - as always.

Wellness and spirituality seems to be coming into its own. What do you think we will see in the next 2-3 years here both regionally and globally?

It is expanding quickly and will continue to expand. More small businesses and freelancers will concentrate on issues related to stress and mental health. Whatever the world experiences now will continue until 2026 and, sadly, will be worse in certain places. Therefore, our mental health will continue to be tested. And this will be the requirement for both regional and global industry growth.

One final thought for us to inspire and get us thinking!

All boats rise with a rising tide. Make time for both yourself and other people.


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