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Other Women’s Jobs / Lamiese Hasan

NAME: Lamiese Hasan

AGE: 37

JOB TITLE: Owner of Rumour Hair Extensions


Lamiese Hasan is an ex Police Officer turned ‘ hair extension queen’. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Lamiese moved to the UAE seven years ago, and with a desire to start her own business, and not just a love of hair, but a passion for hair extensions specifically. Lamieses dove straight in on her business journey, by working with some of the biggest worldwide brands and learning from the best within the hair extensions industry. Starting to source her own hair around a year in. However, the ‘fear’ to take the leap into building her own brand had kept her back - that was until the biggest push reared itself. When Covid-19 hit, Lamiese was forced into going her own way. She used ‘lockdown’ time to work on her own brand, and Rumour was born. She created a brand name, logo, colours, designed packaging and built her website from scratch. Her work at Rumour covers everything from the financial side of running a business, social media, branding, managing inventory, online orders and salon orders through to the creative and working on amazing photo shoots for the brand.

Here’s how Lamiese spends her day

6AM: – Boxing – I always use the mornings to get my exercise out of the way as I know come the evening I'll make excuses. Exercise really helps to clear my mind and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Il have breakfast as soon as I get home and get ready for the day ahead.

8AM: I try to book photo shoots regularly, mostly early in the morning before it gets too hot so during this time I'll be styling hair and co-ordinating the photo shoot. I always have an exact idea of what I want to achieve from a shoot, and I sometimes have no idea where it came from but once I have a vision, I just go with it. This is the fun side of the job as it allows me to be creative and work with other talented people such as videographers, MUAs and amazing models.

1PM: Returning from a photo shoot and having lunch. Whilst eating I’m usually going through all my photos and content from the morning as I’m always on a high after a shoot and excited to see what content we have created.

2PM: Checking emails and the website to see if there are any online orders or salon orders that need to be processed. Responding to any messages or enquiries. We receive a lot of enquiries via our social media and online chat platforms, so we always recommend clients go to the salons we work closely with as they specialise in our brand, or we provide the clients with a virtual colour matching service so they can order the hair directly online. Unfortunately, I haven’t outsourced this part and it can sometimes be very time consuming.

4PM: Admin – this is everything from creating graphics, invoicing, posting, and interacting on social media, replying to messages, arranging events, referring enquiries to salons, stock checks, Preparing posts, reels, and content. This is the hard part of the job because I must focus without getting lost in the world of scrolling through social media. I’m constantly trying to think outside of the box and create new inspiring content so I’m always thinking of new concepts as well as captions for our social media platforms.

9PM: I will turn my phone off at this point and usually get into bed and read so I can switch off before going to sleep. I read anything from books about meditation and wellbeing to books about business and successful business owners.

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