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Mama Care - The Perfect Postpartum Gift

Looking to gift a 'soon-to-be' mum? Why not send them a Mama Care box. More often than not the mums get forgotten when a new baby is born. A lot of the focus goes on gifting the baby, forgetting that the person holding the baby has just gone through a rather huge ordeal to bring said baby in to the world!

These boxes are a lovely reminder that the recovery journey for mums is just as important. Available in three different options ‘The V Box’ (vaginal delivery recovery box), ‘The C Box’ (c-section recovery box) along with the ‘The BFF Box’ (Breast friend forever, a breastfeeding box) they make the perfect gifts!

All the products from the boxes are also available individually including long island lactea (lactation support Tea), soothing nip balm, cozy lap cushion, healing Gel, no sting bottle, all night maternity pads and more.

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