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#LifeLessons - Claire Rodrigues Lee

Meet Claire Rodrigues Lee the founder of Neon Army

NAME: Claire Rodrigues Lee

AGE: 46

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @neonarmyofficial

JOB TITLE: Creative director and founder of Neon Army 


International songwriter and founder of fashion accessories brand Neon Army, Claire Rodrigues Lee is a true advocate for the power of the positive mind. She proves that age is nothing but a number and how everything changes the minute you start to believe in yourself. 

At 33 years old, the discovery of a book called ‘The Secret’ helped Claire manifest worldwide success as a global songwriter, accruing over 20 number 1’s across the K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop market and at 44 she became the creative force behind fashion accessories brand, Neon Army.  As seen in some of London’s most prestigious stores, Neon Army specialises in colourful, handmade and beaded, vegan fashion accessories full of positive affirmations.  For Claire, the Neon Army brand is not just about empowering women to follow for their dreams but that kindness is a superpower.  She believes a small business can still have a big heart and through her business, she wants to make a difference.  After all love attracts love. She lives in London with her husband and 2 children and believes the key to happiness is balance.

Today Claire shares her key life lessons with us:


#Life lesson - It’s Never Too Late


I started my journey at the age of 33 after my dad pulled me out of a 17 year relationship that left me with no confidence or self esteem. By joining Facebook for the first time, I reconnected with a friend who introduced me to a book called ‘The Secret’ on laws of attraction and manifesting the life you desire. For years, I’d escaped my situation through songwriting, finding a safe space to share my feelings. It was a passion but turning professional always seemed like a pipe dream. They say ‘The Secret’ finds you when you need it most and now the book had found me, I was fully committed to changing my life for the better.  I kept a diary, writing as if things had already happened. This is called manifesting. I wrote about my career, my husband and children before any of them were in existence. 

By the time I was 40, I’d achieved all the above. As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves about a timeline for everything but it’s not until life shakes that up, that you realise it’s just what we’re conditioned to believe. 



#Life lesson -Don’t Give Up


There’s no failure in not succeeding, only failure in not trying and ‘No’ isn’t a ‘no’ forever. In 2022, I embarked on a new chapter in my life, becoming the founder of Neon Army. Covid put songwriting on hold and while shopping online, realised there was a lack of fashion I loved, so decided to create my own. A particular style was emerging with influences from the laws of attraction and Middle Eastern culture. I’ve always believed in evil eye protection and the power of the hamsa hand. All these things are interconnected to positive energy.  When lockdown measures lifted, people would compliment my creations which became the lightbulb moment for Neon Army.  At my first pop up shop in London, my products resonated with Middle Eastern women, in particular ladies visiting from Dubai. I knew that at some point, I wanted to try and get the brand there. My first meeting in Dubai February 2023 ended with a no.  My second meeting in Dubai February 2024 ended with a yes. Life is all about timing and patience so stay positive because things can always change. 


#Life lesson - Do What Makes You Happy


Being unhappy limits you as a person.  You simply cannot grow or be your best self with a negative mindset. When I was in an unhappy relationship, I just settled. I accepted this was good enough for me and I didn’t deserve better and my life didn’t change or progress in any way. Infact, I regressed as a person. When that relationship ended, I was forced to find the courage to love and live for myself again.  Fundamentally we all need love and support to be able to find happiness and I’m grateful my parents were able to give that to me. ‘The Secret’ gave me the tools I needed to centre myself and focus on the things I wanted. I kept a diary and practised gratitude daily, visualising and my hopes for the future.  Songwriting not only healed me, it brought me joy and gave me the confidence to follow my dream of becoming professional. This journey led to me to a music publisher who changed everything and before I knew it, I was travelling all over the world having hit after hit record.  When you’re happy, the possibilities are endless.




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