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#Life Lessons -Shraddha Barot Amariei

Serial Entrepreneur and mother Shraddha Barot Amariei shares her wealth of wisdom on everything from manages your finances to how to get happy and healthy from within

NAME: Shraddha Barot Amariei

AGE: 38


JOB TITLE: Multi Entrepreneur / Chief Inspiration Officer

A multi-entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter and sister, Shraddha started her first company at 21 and since then has launched nine businesses out of which she currently runs five. Like many women, the serial entrepenuer admits that motherhood has been her biggest challenge to date, and has committed much of her efforts to creating flexible work spaces for mothers within her businesses.

Calling the UAE home since 2005, Shraddha knows Dubai like the back-of-her-hand and admits she is an excellent concierge to her family and friends providing an insiders go-to guide to everything in the Emirates.


Learn how to make and manage your money

Growing up, I came from a very protective and pampered household where everything I wished for appeared magically. However, my parents also made sure I took volunteer jobs every holiday whether it was staying in an ashram in heat, sleeping on the floor, eating simple food or teaching underpriviledged children. They also encouraged all my crazy business ideas so I felt confident I could take risks, learn how to make money and to fail and accept failure. I was lucky to meet my husband at 19 and he has been the same rock and support system as when we met we with literally nothing. We were determined to not take any help from our parents and build our lives by working hard each day. We continue to do so, as our goals now as parents ar to provide a secure future for our kids so they can have the same freedom and not have to worry about providing for their parents.

We are also very conservative in the way we manage our money. I always say make the bank work for you and not vice versa, so be smart about how you use your credit cards, don't overextend on loans or cards, always pay them in full and spend only what you can afford. No one cares about the designer bags or car you drive or where you live and if they do you are in the wrong company.

Make saving and investing a habit as early you can. Don't get me wrong; do buy and spend on what makes you happy, but do it for yourself and not to impress others. There are ways of dressing up well using high street brands, and mainly what will shine is your character, ethics, how you work and how you treat others.


Not everything is a do-or-die situation. Learn to handle and manage pressure at work

Living in an ambitious city like Dubai, you have to be able to train your mind to not take things personally or let work urgencies and pressure intimidate you. Everyone is on a deadline here and you need to be able to adapt to handling pressure. What works for me is I don't look at it as a do-or-die situation. I work on a priority list with full intention and dedication. I know that I will pick up some of the work on the following day. I am not working in a life-impacting industry like a hospital or similar, so whatever is thrown at me can be handled. It's not the end of the world.

I always question what is the worst that can happen in this situation and that also helps me remain calm as sometimes we all have the tendency to panic which is also normal. It's normal to be nervous, panic, feel scared we are humans; what's important is to learn from your mistakes, adapt and keep moving on.


Prioritize your health and happiness always

‘Life is too short to live miserably’ has always been my mantra. Be it your work, partner or loved ones; don't waste time doing things that are not centered around your happiness, which is very, very different for each person.

You define your own happiness not others. It could mean perhaps you make less money than others, or more money. You live in a big house or small house, you choose to marry or you don't. Remain true to yourself and spend time with people who love you for who you truly are.

Make sure you make time to move each day even if it's a 30 minute walk. Eat well, sleep as per your body's requirements because if you are healthy and happy from within; you will be happy at work, in relationships and you will find it easier to handle any situation. Even in the days when I struggle financially, personally or professionally, I keep reminding myself about the other blessings I have and that this is life and there will always be good and bad days. No one has a perfect life.


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