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K9 Friends Needs Our Help!

As animal lovers, learning that K9 Friends, the top rehoming dog shelter in Dubai is on the verge of closure absolutely breaks our heart! K9 Friends has managed to care for and find loving homes for abandoned dogs, strays and helped pet parents with medical emergencies for over 30 years. But unfortunately, the organisation suffered a terrible blowout during the pandemic and was forced to downsize just like many businesses around the world.

K9 Friends issued a heartrending announcement on their Instagram page earlier this week, explaining the organisation’s distress and the urgent need of financial support from the community to keep the business afloat amid rising overheads that reached an average of AED 80,000 per month! The local institution also expressed it might resort to closure without any official help from individuals and corporations, due to the inability to sustain the burden of DEWA bills, maintenance insurance, staff salaries and obviously all the costs associated with running a rehoming shelter.

So, the real question is, how can we all help?

You can visit the K9 Friends website or call +97148878739 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. You can donate to sponsor a dog, kennel or even AC units for the shelter. Let’s all put our hands together and continue giving all the fur babies in our city the love and care they need!


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