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Get fit and learn about your metabolic health in one morning? We have the workshop for you (and all your friends too)

If you love yoga, want to get fit and enjoy a healthy breakfast, we have event for you! Zone.Health has partnered with lululemon to organize community events for its members in the UAE. The first event will be held on April 29th at Dubai Hills Mall, and will include a yoga session followed by breakfast and talk hosted by Zone.Health Co-Founder Ali Hashemi on "Understanding Metabolic Dysfunction: Causes, Consequences, and Strategies for Correction."

Zeina Abdalla, Co-Founder of Zone.Health, emphasizes the importance of sustainable behavioral change by incorporating fitness, "Our platform enables people to monitor and track their metabolic health and make informed lifestyle choices. By creating a supportive community, we strive to make it easier for members to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.”

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