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Interview like a pro- 10 tips to ace the first interview!

Interview like a pro- 10 tips to ace the first interview!

As someone who has interviewed a lot of candidates in the past, Recruiter and HR Expert, April Kearns, is going to share with you ten basic tips for your first interview that may seem obvious but are often overlooked. 

  1. When you are contacted by the hiring manager/ talent manager either by phone or email, it’s crucial to remember that first impressions count. Ensure you are responding to emails professionally, with correct grammar and spelling - calling the respondent by the right name (you would not believe how many times i’ve been called Alice!). If you are contacted by phone - if you are in a crowded or noisy place, politely excuse yourself to find a quiet spot or request a time to call them back when they can have your full attention. This is a much better alternative to not being able to hear the call and answering questions incorrectly or mishearing next steps.

  1. Dress code: ensure you are dressing appropriately for the role. If you can’t get an idea of dress code from the company’s socials, ask the talent manager! 

  1. Make sure you know where you are going! Ask if there is parking if you need it, which elevator to take. There are very few good excuses for being late! 

  1. Upon arrival make sure you are clear on who you are going to meet - and it can’t hurt to research them on LinkedIn before the interviewing. If you have something in common, it can be a great ice breaker! Greet them with a strong handshake and if on offer, accept a glass of water. Taking a sip of water in an interview is a great way to take a pause and gather your thoughts.

  1. Research the company and the job role before heading to the interview - make sure you have a good understanding of the business and have a few questions prepared in your mind. 

  1. Have examples that demonstrate your core competencies ready to share in the interview - this could be a time where you worked well under pressure, where you worked as part of or with a team or any other competencies that are relevant to the role to which you are applying.

  1. Make sure you listen carefully in the interview. When you are nervous it is easy to get distracted. Active listening is a great skill to be able to demonstrate.

  1. Do your best to be articulate and concise but don’t be afraid to show your personality. 

  1. Don’t forget to ask about next steps if they haven’t already been shared. This will show your commitment to the process. 

  1. Once you have left the interview, remember to follow up within a couple of hours and thank the interviewer for their time. This shows interest and demonstrates how you would attend to your role - with thought! 

Good luck for your interview and we hope these tips prove helpful! 


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