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Atlantis Aquaventure's Dolphin Bay has added three new no-contact experiences for the whole family

The accredited, state-of-the-art Dolphin Bay at Atlantis's Aquaventure has just introduced three new no-contact programmes and the experiences are nothing short of spectacular. These experiences invite guests to participate up close in the daily enrichment and training sessions of the pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, as well as inspire and educate guests to do more to protect all marine life and our oceans. During the new no-contact experiences, guests can learn more about the dolphins’ natural behaviours while participating in the following enrichment programming:

Dolphin Kayak

The only kayak with dolphins experience in the UAE, guests will enter the water in a double or single kayak and watch as the naturally curious dolphins swim by in the tranquil setting of the lagoon.

Dolphin Paddle

Guests can relax the mind and body as they paddle around the lagoon alongside the playful resident dolphins. This is the only stand up paddleboard with dolphins activity available in the UAE.

Dolphin Sunrise

Available to in-house guests only, early risers are invited to walk into the shallow part of the lagoon with a marine mammal specialist and join the dolphins in their daily morning routine.

The purpose of Dolphin Bay is to educate every single guest on how changing their day-to-day actions can help protect our oceans and the local environment. After actively participating in the enrichment programming for our pod, guests will leave with a better understanding of dolphins and feel inspired to do their part to protect all marine life, such as reducing plastic in their daily life or ensuring the fish they eat are sustainably sourced.

In addition, for every guest who experiences a programme at Dolphin Bay, Atlantis contributes 1 USD into partnerships that drive conservation and sustainability locally and internationally. In 2022, this resulted in a $120,000 (USD) investment fund, which continues to support nine UAE-based projects to help protect the ocean and the environment.

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