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IKEA Has Launched a Book and It's Just What We Need

If you haven't got a piece of IKEA furniture (or 10) in your home we honestly need to know your secret. Love it or Hate it, IKEA is the go-to space for home makeovers, along with the inevitable trolley full of things you didn't come for but most certainly need.

Taking on a subject close to everyone's hearts at the moment, IKEA and PHAIDON have teamed up to explore one of the biggest challenges of our generation: sustainable living. Us & Our Planet looks at the life at home of twelve everyday people including activists, artists, athletes and gardeners, as well as young families across the globe. From Mexico to Moscow, Bali to Beirut, the book shines a light on the small things one can do to make our world a little better. Along with this the book also features 70 of the most iconic products born from the sustainable approach over the past 70 years.

Beautifully written and curated we can't wait to get our hands on a copy.

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