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I Love Rebounding and Here’s Why

I love rebounding and hers why

By Kelly Lundberg, Personal Brand Strategist ( & rebound lover)

I was just 9 years old when I got my first rebounder, some may say an odd gift to ask for from Santa. I recall my mum saying are you sure “a mini trampoline, what for?” Not sure she saw the benefits of such a strange gift choice.

Living in Scotland, outdoor exercise is often very dependent on the weather. With limited space I had the idea to use a rebounder to create and practice my dance routines. Even at 9 I was carefully choreographing routines then charging my parents to watch them; the entrepreneur was in me even then.

It seemed a great idea, at the time. However, like many Christmas presents by the following summer my mini trampoline was relegated to the shed never to see the light again. That was until I attended Unleash the Power, a seminar run by Tony Robbins. He talked passionately about his experience with rebounding, the upgraded version of trampolining, and the many positive benefits, linked to this exercise.

So, what is rebounding and why is it so good for you to do? It’s said to be one of the best ways to rid your lymph glands of toxins, improve your lymphatic circulation, help your immune and digestive system, and speed up your metabolism. That peaked my interest.

Ok so my original rebounder had long since been relegated from shed to tip, time to get a new one! Some twenty-five years later I embarked on my own health journey adding rebounding into my daily exercise plans. Little did I know what a minefield it was when selecting the best one.

My first adult purchase cost me $25, it was quite literarily the only one I could find in Dubai at that time. The rebounding movement has grown hugely, by 2018 this industry was generating an estimated USD 5.22 billion. Boy have rebounders come a long way, from squeaky springs, ugly frames and big legs to high tech colourful rope suspension, foldable frames, and legs. No longer do they sit taking up space adding no value, they can be found in homes around the world and even the smallest of apartments, there is a rebounder to fit all needs and ages.

Rebounders (good ones) don’t come cheap but there is one that will fit all budgets and before purchasing or upgrading think carefully which one is best for you. Much like my experience of the many years of styling, where much of my focus was around cost per wear, cost per use is something to consider wisely. Use a rebounder at least 3 or 4 times a week, then you can be sure that any spend will be worth it, not to mention the family can share in the benefits too.

The stylist is still in me, and I consider that I bought the Gucci of all rebounders, a Bellicon. Just to be clear I am not an ambassador for the brand, I just love this brand, it’s quality and even better with folding legs I can tuck it away in the bathroom.

Still need some convincing?

Rebounding means less stress on your joints. Now here’s where I am honest, I don’t love running, something that has been well documented, and I have sore knees. On the rebounder, you can do everything from aerobic/cardio, toning and more. Better still you can lose weight and inches with hardly any stress on your joints.

It offers the perfect opportunity to multi-task. Whilst I am not a great fan of multi-tasking in general, there are things two things you can do at the same time. You can make your rebounding time efficient, perhaps work out listening to an inspiring podcast or catch up on the latest boxset. I find the time flies by.

Exercise intensity can be tailored to low, moderate, or vigorous to suit your specific needs and ability and it’s also much quicker to get steps in that walking round the park.

Your weather proofed, on super-hot days or rainy/cold days when you can’t get out to the park. Granted being in nature is a whole different experience, but hey you have no excuses.

Still debating? Why not take the advice positively verified by NASA, yes NASA. Here are my faves:

  • Keeps you young by slowing down atrophy in the aging process

  • Improves balance and coordination by improving brain’s responsiveness to the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear

  • Protects the joints from the chronic fatigue and impact delivered by exercising on hard surfaces

  • Strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body

  • Boosts immune system

Rebounding gives your body total workout. You can create your own exercise plan at home. During the summer my rebounder gets the most action. Most evenings I jump to it to get the rest of my 10,000 steps in, it’s no issue when I am back in Edinburgh, my partner and I walk and walk, but Dubai city living makes steps that little bit harder! In Covid rebounding was a godsend.

With nothing to lose, except calories and inches, all I can see is a win win!

Tag me in your rebounding pics @kellylundbergofficial and if you want the same one that I have, here is a link


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