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Hints and Tips to Get the Engagement Ring of your Dreams

Engagement ring

By Caroline Ralston, CEO & Founder of Proposal Boutique

If you are waiting for your other half to propose, you probably already know the exact engagement ring you want and now you just need to make sure that your partner picks up on these hints.

With hundreds of jewellery shops and thousands of different types of rings, it can be overwhelming for our men, but Caroline Ralston is the CEO of Proposal Boutique, Dubai’s marriage proposal planning company and she is sharing some helpful hints and tips to ensure you get your preferred ring and make sure your man is picking up on these hints.

First things first, this is going to be on your finger for a long time so make sure you know the ring that is right for you. Go in and try them on, as what you love on Pinterest, you might not love when it’s on your finger.

When you know the exact ring style, now is the time to start dropping some hints, and here is how:

Family Permission

Most men will ask for your family’s permission when he is ready to propose. We suggest sharing photos of your dream engagement ring with your family and suggesting that they pass it along to him for reference of what you would love.

Get your Best Friend Involved

He is likely to share the news about the proposal with your best friend, so make sure she knows the ring you want and have her suggest that they go shopping together. Sending her some photos or even your Pinterest board is a great way to ensure they know exactly what to look for.

Drop a Hint on the Website

Many jewellery stores that have a website, have a ‘drop a hint’ link. With this, you can select your dream ring and then it sends a hint to your boyfriend’s email address. This way, he knows exactly what you want and has the link to buy it there and then…Genius!

Social Media Tagging

If your other half is on social media, tag them on an Insta post or share that Pinterest board with them, this is the best way to send a hint and simply tag your dream ring.

Celebrity Influences

Is there a particular celebrity ring that you love the look of? If so, conveniently bring it up in conversation and let him know what you like about the ring.

Take him to the jewellery store

Conveniently go past a jewellery store and point to the ring you love the most. Even better, take him inside to try them on and have some fun together.

Have ‘the’ chat

If you have been together a while and are talking about marriage, children and the future, this is the perfect time to bring up engagement rings and your dream proposal.

Hint at what kind of proposal you would like and let him know the rings that you like and don’t like and show him a few pictures.

Pick the ring together

If you want complete control, you can always forget traditions and go shopping for the ring together after the proposal. Some of our clients propose with a substitute ring and then go shopping for her perfect ring together after the proposal. If you like this idea, be sure to tell him in advance so that the budget is spent on your dream ring.

Remember, the more hints that he gets, the more he will remember and the more likely you are to get your dream ring without the need to compromise.

Also, if you need to drop him a hint that you are proposal ready, head to the Proposal Boutique website to leave an anonymous ‘hint’ at

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