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Headband on and Handle it

If you’re having a bad hair day and being frank the bad days seem to outweigh the good these days as we run around juggling life like we do, then our new quick fix is a headband.

No longer just for Alice or those at Junior School, a headband can be a chic and stylish addition to your wardrobe and yes they just happen to hide a multitude of sins too.

Here’s a selection of our current favourites:

Gabriella Headband from Joey and Pooh

One of our ultimate favourite headband brands is Joey and Pooh and every season we ooo and aah at which ones to buy, before buying 8! This floral beaded headband is lovely for summer and your holiday wardrobe.

Gucci Quilted Leather Headband

If you want to invest in a quality classic headband that will last this could be it. It’s buttery soft and super elegant.

Mixed Woven Knotted Headband

A bright and vibrant number with an eye catching top knot is just one of a selection of great options on Revolve.

ASOS Leaf Gold Headband

Our annual membership to ASOS is one of our favourite things (did you do this yet?!) and they have lots of gorgeous affordable headbands. This stunning and elegant leaf design works well with a work outfit or by the pool.

Ginger Chain Headband

This simple and pretty hairband is super durable and perfect in hot and sweaty weather.

Versace Print Hairband

Embrace summer florals and bold colours with this luxe option from Versace.

LELET NY Garden Party gold-tone Swarovski headband

LELET NY's hair accessories are a favourite with celebrities right now and for good reason. This can be dressed up and down, but a little sparkle is always good.

Shashi Empress Headband

There is too much sparkle – said no-one ever! If you want a statement piece and headband that truly does the talking, then this could be it.

Ella Floral Knot Hairband

This is not only pretty, but a total steal at 17 dhs. Snap it up while it’s there.

Roselle Headband from Joey and Pooh

We love Joey and Pooh so much, we’ve added a second to our list. This is a true flowery statement.


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