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Free Support Groups at The LightHouse Arabia this November

The LightHouse Arabia provides a wide array of complimentary support groups every month across a range of topics and issues relevant to different life stages and situations. At the moment all support groups are hosted online, and all free-of-charge.

What does November look like..

Sunday, November 7th & 21st

Heartbreak Support Group

Adults (21+) 6.30-7.30pm

Monday November 8th & 22nd

Motherless Daughters Support Group

Women (21+) 6 - 7.30pm

Monday November 8th

Life After Divorce Support Group

Adults (21+) 6-7pm

Teen Tribe Support Group

Teens 13-16years) 6-7pm

Sunday November 14th

IVF/Infertility Support Group

Women (18+) 10-11.30am

Monday November 15th

Teachers Support Group

Adults (21+) 5-6pm

Tuesday November 16th

ASD/Autism Support Group for Adults

Adults (18+) 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Wednesday November 17th

Surviving After Loss to Suicide Support Group

Adults (21+) 6-7.30pm

Relating Through Race

Adults 18+)5.30-7pm

Sunday, November 28th

Partner Loss Support Group

Adults (21+) 5.30 - 7pm

Monday November 29th

Little Lifetimes Support Group – Pregnancy & Infant loss

Adults (Parents) 10-11.30am

Sunday, November 28th

Partner Loss Support Group

Adults (21+) 5.30-7pm

Monday November 29th

Adult Grief Support Group

Adult (18+) 5.30 – 7pm

For more information or to book your spot visit here:


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