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Four Easy Ways to Inspire Others

by Kelly Lundberg

Has anyone ever inspired you in a way that has to change your life in a significant way? Inspiration is powerful, but it isn’t always easy.

Ten years ago, I made it a personal goal to inspire at least five people, each day. I wanted to part of positive change for others. My desire: to create a ripple effect so that those I inspired would go on to inspire others. It was my call to account, and still is today.

Some days it’s more and some days I might not quite meet my goal but every day I show up to be the best version of myself, energetic and enthusiastic. It’s a great way to inspire others, after all no one is every attracted to negativity.

So, how can you be a positive influence capable of inspiring others?

The difference that a positive inspiration can make in a person’s life can be profound, life changing and so fulfilling. Be it loved ones or colleagues to become a better version of themselves will vary, there is no one size fits all.

Inspiring others, is not about ‘look at what I’ve done’ but inspiring others does start with you.

Give sincere compliments – One of the oldest tricks in the book, but really, it’s no trick. You have the power to make someone feel good and appreciated. Small compliments can brighten any day, a simple statement from you look great today to what an awesome friend you are can make all the difference.

CareSmall acts of kindness and thoughtfulness go a long way to showing a person you care about them. Send a handwritten card, be present, take time to listen without being distracted. Make a conscious effort to check in with people and ask how they are or just once or twice a week you take time to reply to unanswered messages. Smile widely, it costs nothing and counts for so much, it makes you feel better too!

Be authentic - As a personal brand strategist the art of being genuine, yourself, and letting your personality shine through is key to building trust. Develop meaningful relationships, people want to be around individuals who are authentic and down to earth. A good way to know if you are is to regularly keep checking in with yourself during and after social interactions.

Use empowering words - The power of words has a huge impact on not only how we feel, but how you can inspire others. Consider your choice of words wisely. So often we use the word hope - hope is not a strategy! Instead of “I should” say “I will”. Rather than say “I’m so busy” say “ I’m being so productive“.

Inspirational people don’t just talk about what is important to them; they act upon it. Ultimately, if you want to inspire others, be the change you want. Your reputation, your character, your behaviour is your personal brand and that will inspire people more than anything else.


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