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Five Healthy Benefits Of Natural Mineral Water For Women

Five Healthy Benefits Of Natural Mineral Water For Women

Yes, it will keep you hydrated, but there are some hidden bonuses of drinking water too

The benefits of natural mineral water versus regular drinking water are well documented for both women and men. In short, not only will it rehydrate, it comes with natural minerals that the body needs to stay fit and healthy.

Drill down a little further, and you’ll find unique advantages for both sexes. But for now, here are five healthy benefits of natural mineral water for women.

Aids pregnancy

Drinking water is important to stay hydrated, but even more so when you’re pregnant. The obvious health benefits still apply - helping digestion, regulating body temperature and the like. But it can also help you to avoid preterm labour. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause the uterus to contract and lead to a premature birth. Drinking enough water throughout the day will help to get you to full term.

Keeps mother and baby hydrated during breastfeeding

A good rule of thumb during breastfeeding is to drink at least one cup of water after every. This replenishes the water that your baby takes from you with every feed. And the benefits don’t stop here. Vitamins and minerals from breastmilk will help your child grow big and strong. That’s why natrl™ box water that’s low in sodium and contains the perfect 7.5pH balance for the body is a great choice.

Slows signs of ageing

Not specifically a female benefit, as men also have skin, obviously, but the skincare industry is geared towards women. The jury is very much still out on their effectiveness, but there’s no denying natural mineral can reduce the signs of ageing. Wrinkles develop from dehydration, but drinking water can delay the effects. It helps to keep the skin clear and plump so you don’t need to splash out on all those chemical-laden beauty products.

Eases the menstrual cycle

Water retention and feeling bloated are just two symptoms of your period. The way to combat these may seem backwards, but you should drink more water. Sugary or caffeinated drinks are usually the culprits in making you feel uncomfortable, whereas natural water will flush the toxins out and reduce swelling. And for help to reduce painful cramps, you can heat the water up as this will assist the blood flow around your body.

Makes the menopause slightly less painful

There’s no two ways about it: going through the menopause is a miserable time in a woman’s life. And although mineral water can’t stop the effects of your body changing, it can keep the painful symptoms at bay. Dizziness and headaches that can lead to mood swings are often accepted as symptoms of the menopause. But while this is true, it’s down to the dehydration through hot flushes that causes it. Drinking natural mineral water will reduce these for you.


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